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Pakistan’s democratic moment

With reference to the editorial Sure shot Sharif (Our Take, March 17), it is heartening to learn that democracy has finally triumphed in Pakistan.

india Updated: Mar 19, 2009 23:32 IST

With reference to the editorial Sure shot Sharif (Our Take, March 17), it is heartening to learn that democracy has finally triumphed in Pakistan. By reinstating the deposed judges, the Zardari government has realised that true power lies with the people. Nawaz Sharif’s Long March has prevented the system from heading towards autocracy. It has set the stage for bigger developments. We hope that soon such attempts will also rectify the Taliban problem in Pakistan.

Subrata Pal, Nadia

None to the aid of the party

With reference to the editorial How to detoxify your party (Our Take, March 18), it’s shocking to see how the BJP has become a ‘party of internal differences’. The conflicts seem to have reached a dangerous point. Going by the BJP’s current state of affairs, forget about winning, one wonders whether it will be able to even serve as a strong opposition. One feels sorry for LK Advani, the man-in-waiting for the post of prime minister, whose dreams may fall flat if the internal spat gets worse in the coming days.

SK Gupta, via email

Only one type of secularism

Apropos of the report Varun in trouble for hate speech (March 18), Varun Gandhi has not said anything objectionable that might have offended any community. All he meant by his speech was that Hindus should not be denied their rights and if anybody hampers the community’s growth, he will be suitably punished. If anybody feels offended by these remarks, it only means s/he does not want the community to flourish. The Election Commission should not be harsh to the BJP or Varun. Instead it should ban the two-faced political parties that try to appease every community only for their votebank. In reality, however, they want communal clashes for their personal benefit.

Anita Gupta, via email


Isn’t it ironic that while everybody is blaming Varun Gandhi for being non-secular, nobody cares about those who openly propagate jihad? Why does nobody bother about Muslim fundamentalists but everyone creates a hullabaloo when Varun says something similar for the Hindu community? Islam, today, has become a religion that preaches social segregation, hatred towards non-Muslims and elimination of dissenters through death and destruction, courtesy a handful of corrupt mullahs. But does that mean that we shun all Muslims and see them as our enemies?

Pitchakali Joseph, via email

Streamline defence resources

With reference to Thomas Mathew’s article Getting in arms way (March 18), it was interesting to read that our expenditure on defence is less than that of Pakistan. Allocating a large defence budget alone is not enough. We must use these resources efficiently. In light of the 26/11 terror attacks, there is a strong need to revamp our internal and external defence strategies. Also, a regulatory body that ensures proper allocation of the defence budget should be set up.

Abhay Ajit Singh Kinoo, Hyderabad

What a cold reaction

This has reference to Neelesh Misra’s report Siachen melts to half its size (March 16). It hurts to know that even when our glaciers are melting rapidly, nobody seems to be worried about what fatal consequences this will lead to. Our politicians are so busy forming pre-poll alliances that real problems are far from their consideration. They will realise the mistake only when it is too late to repent. Also, it is the duty of citizens, too, to protect their environment.

Ved Parkash Sheoran, Rohtak

They are individually together

The Third Front is a just a group of people who lack ideology. The Front only has one aim: to oppose everything that the UPA and the NDA believe in and somehow grab power. Every candidate of the Front hopes to be the next prime minister, irrespective of his/her ability to contribute towards national development. One only hopes that people will vote wisely.

S Narayan, via email