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Path to holy wisdom

india Updated: Nov 08, 2011 01:58 IST
Krishan Kumar Goyal

A man used to ask his grandson to recite a few verses from the Gita. The boy could understand very little. One evening he asked his grandfather about the fun of reciting the verses when he could not make any head or tail.

The patriarch told the boy to bring a bucket of water from a lake nearby. The bucket had many holes and was black and dirty.

The boy filled it at the lake but by the time he reached home more than three quarters had seeped out. He tried again, but in hurried steps. Still almost half had emptied out. His grandpa asked him to go again. The boy came running this time and could save almost three quarters of the water. But he could not understand the grandfather's insistence on the use of the leaking bucket.

The grandpa smiled and said, "Did you wash or clean the bucket with coal stains?" "I have not rested a single minute in bringing water and you think I ever had time to even think of washing this," the boy replied peevishly. "But have you noticed that the bucket is clean now," said the octogenarian. "Oh yes, but this didn't occur to me for I was engrossed in the assignment", said the boy. "That is why I had asked you to bring water in that bucket. See what you have got by accident. The bucket got cleaned without any special effort," said the old man.

The dirty bucket with holes is akin to the human mind which becomes full of negativities in this material world. The seepage suggests the reluctance or inability to absorb and retain good morals and ethics out of the nectar (lake's water) of the teachings of holy scriptures. But there's a catch. The cleansing takes place when the bucket is dipped in the lake again and again. Although we may not be able to absorb or comprehend in totality, yet reading the holy scriptures again and again certainly has the benevolent impact of cleansing our mind, heart and soul.