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People should serve nation: Bhaiyyu Dada

REFINEMENT OF the thought process is Dharma, said Rashtra Sant Bhaiyyu Dada in his address to followers on the occasion of Guru Purnima today.

india Updated: Jul 11, 2006 22:48 IST

REFINEMENT OF the thought process is Dharma, said Rashtra Sant Bhaiyyu Dada in his address to followers on the occasion of Guru Purnima today.

Bhaiyyu Dada said that his desire is to see the populace of this great nation steeped in spirituality traverse the path from darkness to knowledge and devote themselves in the service of nation, society, family and all living objects. Man must adopt virtues through the medium of emotions obtaining satisfaction in the process and realising supreme bliss as the end product.

The ‘guru-shishya parampara’ is still alive in the country, which continues to follow the dictum of ‘matru, pitru, and guru devo bhav’.

He said that every century has elements of uniqueness but the only things that are found present always are favourable and unfavourable circumstances. The world is but a play of words as it constitutes the basis of thought and carries within it the seed of destruction or development.

Humans are replete with the element of emotion, which becomes distinguishable only after receiving enlightenment. Man, therefore, has to validate truth through service, sacrifice and dedication. This can be achieved by working on health, education and dharma the conduct of which has to be based on truth, knowledge and self-satisfaction resulting in oneness with God (a state of ‘parmananda’), he said.

Bhaiyyu Dada said man is a social animal governed by societal ties bound by the fabric of spirituality.  If the basic needs of ‘anna, jal and daridrata’ are removed there is no reason why another Narendra can’t be transformed into Vivekanand and another Siddartha into Gautam Buddha. What is needed is increased levels of concentration namely ‘chintan, sadhna and samadhi’.

He said the society is at loggerheads where socialism is clashing swords with casteism. The discrepancies can be removed by ‘sanskar breeding sanyamta and sangharsh breeding purushartha’.

A society not governed by the principles of dharma falls prey to religion where society begets terrorists and is recognised by exploitation.

He beseeched fellow countrymen into not following the American example where it sits in the United Nations Organisation (UNO), persuades all other countries into signing Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), while itself keeping away from the same.

The theory of evolution as propagated by Darwin was true in the sense that humans had transformed themselves to utter perfection as far as natural and other needs were concerned and could no longer change itself rather the mind had to be evolved, which can be done only through spiritualism if it wants to avoid extinction in the manner of dinosaurs. 

BJP national spokesman Prakash Javdekar, who was chief guest on the occasion, said he had come in contact with many saints but none like Bhaiyyu Maharaj who had risen above religion and petty earthly maters spreading his wings over a national plain and presenting a fine blend of spirituality and humanity (social service).

His numerous schemes have been for the uplift of the needy across all classes and worked on the principal of returning back to society what belonged to society. Due to the purity of his thought his mission had not stooped to the level of commission.

Former president Reliance Industries Vijay Pawar in his presidential address said that Bhaiyyu dada was the only saint who kept the economic perspective in view for bringing about a holistic development in humankind.

He is different from other saints in the sense that instead of meditating in isolation for self-emancipation he is working amidst society for its betterment while having a modern approach towards solving the crisis of life.

Bhaiyyu dada earlier initiated a novel scheme of scholarships for children whose parents were in jail for committing a momentary mistake leading to life long regret.

Refusing to term such children as underprivileged he called them ‘Bharat ka bhavishya’. Eleven children from Dewas district received the scholarship at the hands of Bhaiyyu dada in the presence of distinguished guests. About 200 children would be granted yearly scholarships under this scheme.  

Trust secretary Sharad Pawar told about the number of schemes being undertaken in the State adjoining Maharashtra, Rajasthan and as far off as Karnataka.

He presented a memento to Javdekar, while trust secretary Sanjay Yadav presented a memento to Vijay Pawar. MLA Usha Thakur, Kripa Shankar Shukla, Tulsi Silawat and a large number of followers thronged Anand Mohan Mathur auditorium on the occasion.