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Pick-up and drop

Forget intelligence and humour, blokes. All you need to grab a lady’s attention is a cheesy pick-up line.

india Updated: Oct 12, 2009 09:30 IST

For years, many of us women have spent much time trying to come up with smart put-downs for nauseating pick-up lines. To add to your knowledge, we have scoured the Net and have come up one that is suitable for a family paper. It goes Man: Your place or mine?

Woman: Both. Man: Huh? Woman: You go to your place, I’ll go to mine.

Now it turns out all this effort was largely useless. A website poll says that six out of 10 women actually fall for a cheesy chat-up line. Such pukeworthy lines as “Apart from being beautiful, what do you do for a living?” apparently went down well with the ladies. Of course, all it not lost. The very over-the-top ones fell flat but, nevertheless, it is one in the eye for us feminists that we still love a patently false bit of puerile prose from men. So much for all that wheeze about women getting attracted to men with a sense of humour and the intelligence to recite the World Bank report on migration backwards. All we want is just something to flatter the flattened ego and we’re game. Now it is possible that those of us who sneer at cheesy lines are doing so because we don’t have too many eager gentlemen queuing up at the door. So we are making a virtue of necessity. But we must insist that women must make up their minds. Do they want the one-line spouting roses and candlelight sort or the contemptuous, hard to get Mills and Boonsian type?

We’ll just have to wait till the next poll comes along. All we can say with certainty that these rapidly-changing parameters of what’s attractive and what’s not will keep men on their toes. And us editorial writers in business for a little longer.