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Politics of the RSS

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In his article Personality problems (February 13), Prakash Patra has summarised the boundaries set by the RSS for the leaders in their political front, the BJP. But all political parties have fallen prey to the personality cult and the BJP is no exception. Much against the wishes of the RSS, AB Vajpayee rose to become an icon for party workers and for sometime the party revolved around him, leaving LK Advani to fill the deputy’s space. Patra rightly concluded that for the parivar, icons are okay only if they are mythical or dead. It will not tolerate the Advanis and Modis spreading their wings beyond its shakhas.

ML Yadav


The problem with the media is that they keep writing about organisations without knowing the basics about them. It is a shame that the media keep publishing articles on the RSS despite knowing that such writings have no effect on the organisation, which has kept growing for several decades now.

SG Gokhale

A dying shame

Sanchita Sharma gives a graphic picture of the poor state of a healthcare centre in Shivpura village in MP (Dying to have a baby, February 11). The government has spent crores of rupees building health facilities, but they still continue to remain beyond the reach of the poor. The decay in public health services is more in rural areas and private health centres are concentrated in urban areas.

How we can become an economic giant when 52 per cent children in the country are malnourished?

Deepak Khanna

Double standards

Apropos of the article Fifteen minutes to infamy (February 12), Jyotirmaya Sharma does not look at the other side of the coin. He should know Gujarat made sound progress after the earthquake in 2001. The middle-class mantra is about moving ahead, as it does not believe in sermons. Would one chastise the Congress for looking away during the Babri masjid demolition or during the Sikh riots in the 1980s?

Raghavendra S

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