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Poll counting on an unlucky day?

india Updated: May 13, 2011 07:54 IST
Amitava Banerjee

The day of counting all set to decide the fate of West Bengal along with the candidates in the fray by itself would have been considered a very unlucky day by the West. The day being a Friday and coinciding with 13 (Friday the 13th ) makes it the most unluckiest combination as per western belief- so much so that a term has been coined to describe the phobia attached to this day.

Friday along with the number 13 have both been considered unlucky. Jesus Christ is supposed to have been crucified on a Friday. The failure of Apollo 13 space mission is also attributed to the number 13.

"Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Even a film has been made on this superstition. I don't have much interest as to who wins or losses but I definitely don't want violent outbreaks or any man made catastrophe revolving around the counting. I wish a different date would have been chosen for the declaration of results," stated Lucy Lepcha, a student.

Research has it that 8% of the Americans suffer from Paraskevidekatria-morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Many people in the West abstain from driving and even going to work on a 13th coinciding with a Friday. It is considered as the most widespread superstition in the West.

"I don't adhere much to such superstition but most say that it is a very unlucky day. In Darjeeling with everything going in the opposite direction, Friday the 13th too could turn out to be a very lucky day for us," feels Sushma Gurung of the All India Gorkha League.

Coincidentally Friday the 13th has been a witness to many an unlucky event.

Hurricane Charley had struck South Florida on August 13, 2004; "Friday the 13th" Storm had struck New York in October 13, 2006; Andes plane crash had occurred on October 13, 1972. Closer home the Upahaar Cinema fire incident had occurred in June 13, 1997. All these days were Fridays.

"As a Doctorate in Science I do not believe in such things. It is pure coincidence. That too is a superstition in the West. A day is a day. Friday the 13th is just another day like any other day," stated Harka Bahadur Chettri, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha candidate from Kalimpong.