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Pray for world peace

india Updated: Oct 11, 2006 22:53 IST

Apropos of the editorial Flexing muscle (October 10), North Korea’s nuclear tests will jeopardise peace, stability and security on the Korean peninsula and in the region. The sanctions imposed on the country by the major powers have failed to prevent the nuclear tests, and instead seem to have provoked the junta. The international community must try to convince North Korea, through dialogue, to sign the NPT by offering it aid for the development of the country.

JV Narasimha Raju

The tests are terrible news. Countries like Iran and Libya might be emboldened to conduct their own tests. Long live world peace!

Samir Banerjee
via e-mail


All nuclear-armed countries should disarm instead of posing as policemen to stop others from developing nuclear arsenals. As for India’s warning against the dangers of clandestine proliferation, it is the height of hypocrisy. After testing the bomb, India has no right to condemn North Korea’s action. The excuse that we haven’t signed the NPT is only a fig leaf to cover our nuclear nakedness.


Comments on Kargil

Compliments to Air Chief (retd) AY Tipnis for having the courage to reveal the inside story about Kargil (Ex-air chief says army botched Kargil, October 7). Pakistan’s intrusions across the LoC had caught the army totally unawares. The seriousness of the act was grossly underestimated. For such lapses, heads should have rolled at the highest levels.

Ajit Kumar


During any war operation, there are daily briefings to the PM and Defence Minister by the Army Chief, which are attended by the Air Force and Navy Chiefs as well as senior defence officers. When Tipnis had direct access to the authorities, he did not express his assessment of the situation. A good air cover to the army would have avoided many casualties. His moral courage continued to desert him even when he saw coffins being flown in by IAF copters.

Ashok Leekha

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