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Prepare timetable to focus on studies

india Updated: Feb 20, 2012 01:19 IST
Hindustan Times

With less than two weeks left for the board exams, SNEHI, an NGO, takes stock of students' anxieties and provides solutions to the problems that they encounter before exams.

My son, a Class 12 student, says he is anxious about the exams. He has not been able to complete the course yet. How should I deal with him?

As a parent, you can start by making a timetable. Since there is not much time left to cover new topics, ask him to set a target for the syllabus that he has already covered. After he is through with the course he has already covered and manages his time well, ask him to go through a few new topics. He can also practise some sample papers, which will help him find out his weaknesses and areas that he needs to focus on.

I am studying in Class 10. I find it very difficult to study because I am unable to concentrate. Please help.

At this age, one goes through a lot of changes physically and emotionally. This is normal. Don't let this bother you. Try and divert your attention, focus on your studies and draw a timetable that will help you to concentrate.

I am a Class 12 student. I have studied the syllabus and revised it several times. But as the exams are drawing closer, I feel I am forgetting what I had studied and getting jittery. Please guide.

What you are going through is normal. In fact, most students feel like this. Relax and believe in yourself. Have confidence in your hard work. Go through a few guess papers and test yourself. Practise meditation.

My son studies for a very short duration and claims that he has prepared everything. If we ask him to study longer, he gets irritated and threatens to quit studies. Though he scores good marks, he can perform much better. We are a family of engineers and want him to become an engineer too. We even changed his school so that he gets a better exposure. What can we do about it?

Each child is unique and his capabilities, interests and style of preparation are different. You need to discuss with him his interest area and career choice, instead of taking a unilateral decision. Some kids don't like interference of parents in studies. Parents can only motivate them and facilitate their progress. Nagging would only make matters worse.

My friends keep saying that they have gone through the entire syllabus thoroughly. This makes me tense because I still have to prepare a lot of topics. I feel that I am lagging and can't concentrate on studies. What can I do to start studying the way I did earlier?

How can you say that your friends have studied everything well? You don't know whether it's true or not. As they know that their responses are making you tense, they might be joking with you.

At this point, you have to think about yourself and concentrate on your studies. Don't waste your time by thinking about such things.