Prospect of dancing deflates the Roman emperor in me

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  • Updated: May 13, 2014 00:13 IST

Wifey called and asked, “How is it going?” I replied, “Great. Feeling tops after we won back-to-back matches.” I wanted to be a little more pompous. I cleared my throat, raised the pitch of my voice and narrated something I knew she knew very well. “I’m sure you know that I now have three fifties in a row and back-to-back man-of-the-match awards. It feels great,” I said.

There is nothing more satisfying for a married man than to narrate his heroics to his wife. I felt like a Roman emperor riding a decorated stallion, which I like to imagine as proudly aloft on its hind legs.

“Of course, I know all of that. It was really fantastic but…” she was about to continue when our newborn daughter demanded her attention. There was a pause of about 50-60 seconds. I was wondering why did she say, “but”. Was there something amiss? Did I miss anyone’s birthday or anniversary? I was already “googling” my excuses. By that time the Roman emperor in me fell off from the stallion with a thud. Wifey was back and continued. “….but I heard yesterday that you didn’t dance at all at the opening night of the IPL in Abu Dhabi. It was just a matter of a small jig.” The Roman emperor and his stallion had disappeared as I pondered a reply.

When I frustrated SRK
Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard may sing a duet written and composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh but you will never find me dancing. It is just not me. I can’t. I remember I frustrated the hell out of Shah Rukh bhai when we won IPL in 2012 at Chennai. There was a party that night at the hotel we were staying in. I was again the odd one out, sitting in one corner and admiring the dancing skills of my more illustrious KKR teammates. SRK kept inviting me but with each invite my resolve got stronger.

Once again, I was expected to dance with SRK on the opening IPL night in Abu Dhabi. This time, it was on a stage with the rest of the IPL captains, wearing a white-coloured lungi over a black suit, Panama hat and sunglasses. We were asked to do a jig on the song ‘Lungi Dance’ from the movie ‘Chennai Express’. I could spot my KKR teammates giggling at my plight. Amongst them was Robin ‘Robbie’ Uthappa.

Robbie is quite smooth with his moves and I so wished I could nominate him to perform the jig. Well, he couldn’t be my saviour that night but he is surely taking pressure off me while batting. A lot of the team’s success is due to him. Well done Robbie!

Leg-spinner Piyush ‘PC’ Chawla too is doing what he does best – pick wickets and flash his dimples. He did both against Punjab, scalping Glenn Maxwell and Virender Sehwag and fighting the dimples battle with Preity Zinta and Maxwell. To me, PC’s spell was the turning point. Sources inform me that PC can dance as well. So no such worries for him on the domestic front while I continue to be the odd one out...although I am once again trying to feel like a Roman emperor aloft a stallion.

The writer is KKR skipper

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