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Provide the right incentives

india Updated: Dec 28, 2008 22:08 IST

Provide the right incentives

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri in Losing the momentum (Wonk’s World, December 25), is right in saying that fiscal mismanagement may lower the growth rate in the next fiscal year. Reduction in tax rates never gets passed on to the consumers, the firms appropriate all the gains. If prices do not fall, how will demand increase? Retailers are also resorting to sticky pricing. The housing and infrastructure sectors could take the lead in propping up demand, provided investment is made in the public sector. The private sector has failed to deliver the goods at affordable prices. The tax on interest earned from bank deposits needs to be abolished to increase savings further.

The drums of war

With reference to the editorial Militants, army in perfect step (Our Take, December 26), multi-faced Pakistan is hell-bent on a war with India, solely to divert the world’s attention from its sponsorship of terrorism against India for the past 30 years. Does the US realise that China’s support to Pakistan against India means indirect support to al-Qaeda and the Taliban? What will be the US’s stand under such circumstances? The Indian government should avoid its principle of ‘no-first’ use of nuclear warheads, particularly against Pakistan with its puppet rulers like Zardari and Gilani who keep changing their colours every now and then.

Hansraj Bhatt, Mumbai


Pakistan is is behaving insanely under pressure from India and the international community. It has been cornered and its real face has been exposed. Basically, Pakistan prefers military rule and dictatorship over democracy, and so its civilian rulers need to make belligerent noises to show that they are as aggressive as the army.

Subrata Paul, Nadia

Little law and much disorder

The report Engineer lynched by Maya MLA & his men (December 25) numbs our brain and our heart. No language is strong enough to condemn the incident, express our shame and mourn the murder of PWD engineer M. K. Gupta, by a BSP MLA and his goons. For how long must we be governed by extortionists in the garb of politicians, who can so callously extinguish a life, merely for being denied funds for their boss’s birthday bash?

Agnivo ghosh, via email


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has displayed her true colours by not allowing a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the murder of an engineer by her party MLA. The killing of an innocent man who was not ready to share his hard-earned money, clearly shows the harassment faced by the poor citizens of Uttar Pradesh. I am happy that Delhiites did not vote for the Bahujan Samaj Party.

Sushant Kumar, via email