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Public conveniences, a neglected lot

india Updated: Oct 07, 2006 15:57 IST

AFTER A lot of hue and cry, about a year ago, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) constructed a nice-looking ‘Sulabh Shouchalaya’ near the Harekrishna Market at Bus Stop No 10.  It is a job well done. It meets long-standing needs of thousands of visitors to the market as also hundreds of labourers who assemble here daily in the morning and linger on for hours waiting to be picked up for work for the day.

One would think that after the construction of the Sulabh Shouchalaya every care would be exercised to keep environments neat and clean. Unfortunately this is not so. Right in front of the good-looking Sulabh Shouchalaya, BMC has placed a garbage trolley, which at any given time is full to the brim and overflowing.

Since one garbage trolley is not enough to fulfill the needs of the market, once the trolley placed here is full, garbage is thrown all around the trolley creating a mountain of filth and refuse that emits a nauseating stink for furlongs. I have seen this happening as long as I can remember and never once did I see the place clean. If any one has to enter the Sulabh Shouchalaya, he/she has to wade through all the filth and grime spilled here and bear the stench.

This is a classic case of undoing a good work. I had hoped that some one from BMC would take notice and shift the garbage trolley to another place leaving the passage to Sulabh Shouchalaya free or ensure that suitable arrangements are made to empty trolleys and remove garbage quickly or construct a well-concealed garbage collection shed so that this eyesore and threat to public health and hygiene was removed.

Sadly nothing of the sort has happened and with every passing day the condition has continued to deteriorate.  It is a pity that shop owners of the market too have not taken any initiative to advise every one of the shop owners to carefully deposit the garbage in the trolley and not to throw it outside the trolley meant for this purpose.

Let us hope that BMC will take immediate steps to clean up the place and remove the trolley for relocation at some other appropriate site. If for some reason they cannot do it, they may arrange to lift the garbage at least four times a day to keep the place neat and clean.

Shop owners on their part may please instruct their employees not to throw the garbage carelessly and ensure its deposit in the trolley. They may have some better ideas on the issue, which they can implement on their own or take the help of the BMC in doing the needful.

The pre-fab urinals at Bus Stop 8 are another example of utter neglect of public conveniences. These are located in a huge pool of urine and stink with mosquitoes swarming all around.

These days when almost every place is in the grip of viral fever and dengue, it is criminal to allow such filth at a prominent public place. These need to be torn down immediately.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that some Madhya Pradesh ministers, bureaucrats, and BMC top brass have been illegally and at no expense been availing of services of a good number of BMC employees including gardeners, safai karamcharis and drivers (along with BMC motor vehicles) at their residences for private work.

While admitting misuse of corporation staff and vehicles by the aforesaid categories, City Mayor expressed his helplessness and the BMC Municipal Commissioner refused to answer the query. Does one conclude that silence is tantamount to admission of the charge?

If true, it is a serious matter. BMC has always complained of shortage of staff and funds when asked to take up urgent civic projects including sanitation and maintenance of open spaces.

How do they square up with allegations that a good number of personnel are sucked into jobs at the residences of powerful people in the State Government?

Those heading the Government need to reflect, intervene and lead by example.