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Queen and her domain

india Updated: Sep 18, 2006 15:38 IST

“Every woman is a queen, her home is where she reigns supreme, every nook, corner and the arch, nurtured with love and care by this regal monarch.” These few lines aptly describe the theme on which this month’s meet was organised by the ladies of the Selection Centre Central, Bhopal on September 13, 06 at the Defence Services Officers’ Institute.

Ladies gathered to celebrate their effervescent womanhood. The evening was full of recreation, relaxation, reflection and self-discovery. It was also an occasion to make one pause and think on the most important aspect of being a woman and the diverse roles played by her.

Women are no longer mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and so on only, they’ve ventured out into all kinds of professional fields imaginable. The evening was also in every sense a commemoration of the new roles women have taken up, and their success, as it was about celebrating the traditional values women have preserved within them while performing all their duties.

The evening started with a Durga Stuti where rich tributes were paid to Ma Durga, the Goddess of strength and power. Headgear competition was the highlight of the evening where the participants enthralled the audience with their majestic Headgears made out of the household items.

There were inspirational games and heartwarming stories celebrating the innumerable joys and challenges of womanhood.  A warm, wonderful, inspiring and uplifting evening came to an end when the ladies left with their hearts full of ideas and insights they will always treasure.

Vishesh Hindi Pakhwara
‘Vishesh Hindi Pakhwara’ (Special Hindi Fortnight) was celebrated at Bhopal Military Station from 04 Sept to 16 Sept 06 by the Sudarshan Chakra Corps. Both the Clerical and the Administrative staff working in various offices were encouraged to carry out maximum work using the official language.

The personnel were made aware of the important provisions of the Official Language Policy and its applicability in Government offices through daily eye-catching computer slide shows. Various competitions were organised as part of the celebrations in which many personnel enthusiastically participated and showed their proficiency in written, spoken as well as grammatical Hindi. Hindi typewriters as well as computers using the official language software are widely used in the Indian Army.

Did you know?
In the last year of World War II, Germany was desperate hence turned to “super weapons” which could give them a technological advantage that could overcome their numerical inferiority to the Allies in personnel and material. The trend in armor warfare seemed to point towards “bigger is better,” so Germany designed the largest tank it could build: the Maus.

The “mouse” was truly a monster. It was 188 tonne, armed with a 150mm main gun to easily destroy in enemy tank it might encounter and a 75mm coaxial gun to destroy lesser targets. Its armor was between 50mm and 200mm thick, which made it invulnerable to most tank and anti-tank armament then in use.

The powerful weapons and heavy armor of the Maus were outweighed by its sheer mass. The tank’s maximum speed, despite the 1200 horsepower engine it boasted was only 12 mph. This made blitzkrieg impossible for the lumbering Maus. Only two Maus tanks were completed and only one of those was fully armed. Despite a rumor that the Maus saw action in the last days of World War II, the machines were destroyed rather than allowed to be captured by the Allies.

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