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Query time

I have completed my third year diploma in Automobile Engineering and want to get some practical knowledge about automobiles.

india Updated: Aug 28, 2009 20:01 IST
Grease Monkey

QHi Grease Monkey. I have completed my third year diploma in Automobile Engineering and want to get some practical knowledge about automobiles. I am interested in modification and designing — I have also done some workshop training with Hyundai and Bajaj. Could you suggest which workshop I can apply to for more training. Thanks.
Kalpesh Chhadwa.

Dear Kalpesh, it’s nice to know you’re interested in modification and designing, but the latter isn’t endorsed by manufacturers, so you’ll have to scour the city for places that already do this, and find out if they have a requirement. Designing today is more computer-based than hands-on, so you’ll have to be proficient in the necessary software and programs. Why don’t you try to get some more experience at a premium manufacturer’s workshop before you take the plunge? It will expose you to a lot more technology than you’re already used to, and you will gain a lot from it.

QHi there. I own a really noisy Tata Indica (2002 model). I have even got the engine serviced. How can I get it to keep it down? Should I use a different engine oil?

First of all Anoop, hide from your neighbours. Continue to use the manufacturer-recommended engine oil, but add STP engine oil additive to it. It’s an imported product, so you might have to do a little looking around. Take care to purchase one of the black bottles if you have a diesel car, the blue ones are for petrol engines. This will significantly reduce vibrations and noise in your engine.

QI am planning to change cars from a Maruti 800 DX (with CNG) to a second-hand Logan. I cover 1,300 km a month and my priorities are riding comfort and low maintenance. My budget is Rs 4 lakh and I am looking for a mid-sized sedan with resale value.
I have two queries: One, is my choice of Logan Petrol (I plan to fit a CNG kit to this one too) a correct one, given the above requirements?
Two, since the 1.6 version has been discontinued, will availability of parts pose a problem? Also, how will its resale value be affected? Thanks.
Niranjan Shukla

Hey Ho Niranjan. The Logan is the car that best meets your requirements — it has good ride and acceptable handling, and it’s easy on the pocket. I do not know if the CNG kit from your 800 will go as-is on to the Logan, please check with your authorised CNG dealer for advice. The CNG kit will affect your resale value if you’re planning to sell in two years’ time, but there be will almost no difference in about five years. There will not be any scarcity of parts, as law states that parts have to be made available to the customer for a decade after the car/model is discontinued. You may face a few delays for parts unique to the 1.6, however, since they won’t be parts that are usually sold.

Q I own a Swift Petrol. I want to fit a CNG kit in it. Please tell me what are the pros and cons for this. Thanks.
Hitesh Sheth

Hi Hitesh. There are many CNG kits available for the Swift. One of the options you have is going to the nearest authorised CNG dealer and asking for an appropriate kit for your car. Another option, one that I’d prefer, is going to your Maruti dealer and asking what CNG kit is suitable for your car. They will probably recommend a kit that will keep your warranty intact.

Make sure you get a RTO-approved kit with a warranty. The CNG kit will roughly halve your power output, but the running costs will also nosedive. However, you will have to give the engine an overhaul every couple of years to keep it in top shape. Your boot space will go down to next to nothing, because that’s where you’ll have to accommodate the tank.