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Quotas: God save India!

india Updated: Aug 24, 2006 17:22 IST

There should be no quota system. The Congress-led UPA is just playing cheap vote bank politics. They have already ruined our nation with their nearly 50-year rule. It appears that the Congress won’t stop unless India disintegrates. If they are truly interested in the upliftment of the masses, why not do something at the school level or with an economic criterion in mind?

The fact that they have included the creamy layer shows their ulterior motive. It must be noted that in states like Tamil Nadu which is being shown as an example for reservations, there is no seizable other caste population remaining. They have all been forced out of India and nearly 80 per cent of the remaining population has been brought under the OBC umbrella. So it is not a good example.

Let the politicians implement such a quota for Parliament and the armed services too. Let them say that Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi were against upliftment of masses when they said they were against quotas. Let them say that Ambedkar was foolish to say that quotas must be done away within 10 years. If they have the guts to say all this, I will accept it.

But it is my birthright to ask what is duly mine. No foreigner can take it away from me. I have a right to education and it must happen in a level playing ground.

I pray that these power hungry UPA is thrown out in the next general elections. I know the BJP (other alternative) is not opposing. But if the anti-UPA votes go to the BJP, the next time BJP is in power, it will think twice before trying to ruin the nation.

God save India!