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Realise the reality

india Updated: May 18, 2010 23:19 IST

Today everything is so real — you, your wife, your child, your property, your work, your ideas, your ego. Tomorrow, if you are dead, what will happen to you and your body? Will your dear and near ones keep your body with them? No. They won't. Sankara says, “Bharya Bibyathi Tasmin Kaye.”(Tomorrow if you die, even the persons who loved you very much will be scared of your body).

There is a lesson in that. Once dead, it is just a perishable body. So, why should one get attached? You do know that if we bury you, you become a part of the earth. If we burn you, immediately the results are there for every one to see. If we bury you, it takes a little longer. But what happens to you?

It is everybody’s business to know, isn’t it? So, that’s where the first step is.

The first step is, you start looking at death; then you become spiritual. If you start looking at your own death, you will definitely become spiritual; there is no other way. Unfortunately, today, people avoid the word death itself. Even children cannot use that word. You say “Rama, Shiva.” But the word “death” is banned at home, because you are scared. Many people are scared to even see a funeral passing by in their streets because it reminds them of their own death. Whatever you may shut yourself off to, will you be really able to shut off death?

Once you are in physical form, there are certain laws, because the whole physical matter has to be under a certain law. The very creation happens with a certain basis. How long the life of the body extends depends on various factors – karmic, physical, and energy factors. And there is one more thing, the ultimate thing: that time is over. When it comes,
then there is no business for any one of us to be here any more. One who prepares for death can say 'bye'