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Reason out your scary thoughts

india Updated: Feb 23, 2010 00:05 IST
PP Wangchuk

Fear and worry are cancerous. And both are associated with those who do not go for a reasoned-out way of life, and are perpetually negative in approach.

True, to some extent, each one of us exhibits fear, worry and anxiety because they are natural instincts of self-preservation and being cautious. It is prolonged fear and worry that throw our body and mind systems out of gear.

The Buddha had said that fear arises in the fool, and not in the wise man. What he wanted to say was that fear is a state of mind, and one who understands and realises it has no reason to be scared of anything. It is one’s negative attitude and inability to fathom into the complexity of a problem that gives way to fear. In other words, fear is one's own creation, and can be best kept out of one’s bounds if one reasons it out.

Here, I am reminded of a beautiful saying of a sage on reply to a question as to how fear can be tacked out. The sage's words of wisdom were somewhat like these: “Try

to do something good for someone you love, or the needy.” On still getting a blank expression, the sage went on to explain, “None can harbour two opposing sets of thoughts at the same time.” If one is exercised in the thought of helping someone sincerely, one's mind erases out the fearful thoughts.

One does not want to say that fear and worry are always the products of one's mind. Yes, there are external factors too that precipitate one’s apprehensions into fear. And a person who cannot face such a situation gets into a negative realm of thoughts, and that may turn into a killer. The rising number of suicides these days are examples of such turns of events.

Therefore, the mantra is: Scare away your fear and worry, and be happy and hopeful, always. Great hopes make a great man. And, as someone said, he who has hopes can have anything. Cheers.