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Remover of obstacles

india Updated: Sep 02, 2011 00:44 IST
Sumit Dhanraj

Lord Ganesha was back yesterday with religious festivity all over once again to unload the burden of humanity from sinfulness. The saga of Vinayaka has filled the atmosphere with the songs of “Ganapathi Baba Moreya Adaladuchoreya, Agalae Baras Tu Jaladhi Aa” and “Moreya Re Baba Moreya Re”.

The 10-day Ganesh festival heralds special days for the devotees of the Lord as He comes to take away all the malice from their hearts. People feel spiritually united with their Lord. Temples, streets and every religious place are adorned with flowers, lightings and glory of the holy one. It is the time to reach out to the remover of the obstacles - Ganapati.

Shiva’s first son is described as the supreme leader (Vinayaka) or as the leader of the ‘Ganas’ (Ganapathi) who attends upon and follows Shiva. These names clearly show that He is a master of all circumstances and not even the divine forces can ever obstruct his path. No Hindu ritual or auspicious act is ever undertaken without invoking him. With his grace, it is believed, that no understanding can fail due to subjective or objective obstacles.

He is considered as having married Lakshmi and Saraswati, the Goddesses of Wealth and Knowledge, respectively. In short, he is the master of knowledge (Vidya) and the champion of the worldly achievements.

The Lord of obstacles, Sri Vighneswara, has four arms, representing the four-inner-equipment. In one hand he has a rope, in another an axe. With the axe, he cuts off the attachments of his devotees to the world of plurality and thus ends all the consequent sorrows. With the rope, he pulls them nearer and nearer to the truth, ultimately ties them down to the highest goal.

In his third hand, he holds a rice ball, representing the reward of the joys of sadhana which he gives his devotees. With the other hand, he blesses all his devotees and protects them. As people celebrate Ganesha Uttsav, they surrender themselves completely to the Lord in order to receive His blessings. They seek Vighnaherata’s help to live a healthy, spiritual and moral life.