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Rhiju Talukdar

I’m going to reward myself a large double cheese pizza if I get through

india Updated: May 27, 2011 12:30 IST

Rhiju Talukdar
St Columba’s School

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. What if you don't like lemonade? Why can't you just cut it through the centre, apply some salt and suck on it? Good morning ladies and gentlemen, that’s me, Rhiju Talukdar for you! I ask too many unnecessary questions and am usually not serious about things, unless offered food. But apart from these there isn't much of a difference between me and the average Indian Almost-in-college student – I don't try too hard to fit in, I'm good at a subject or two yet a little under-confident, the quality of my jokes is extremely fluctuating and my friends mean the world to me.

My life hasn't been too eventful (so far) to lay out in detail, nothing too far out of the ordinary or too exciting to ignite the imagination, let alone something to write pages and pages about. There have only been some minor life-hiccups, that too which a majority of the teenagers can relate to. Heartbreaks, disappointments and failures have been compensated with jubilation, success and achievement, sometimes even outweighing them. This year I will hopefully knock off my confusion, opting for English Honours in Delhi University, a huge lemon from life rolling its way towards me, enough to satisfy my thirst for nimbu-soda for an entire lifetime (yes, I prefer nimbu soda to lemonade).