RSS denies telling Hindus to embrace big family norms

  • Praip Kumar Maitra, Hindustan Times, Nagpur
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2013 02:03 IST

The RSS has strongly denied suggesting to the Hindus to revisit their practice of "blindly accepting" family planning methods and start embracing big family norms in the wake of demographic shift in favour of minorities in the country.

Senior RSS functionary and Sangh joint general secretary (western region) Dr Ravindra Joshi said on Wednesday that the RSS did not make any such suggestion to the Hindus.

However, the RSS working committee meeting at Kochi which concluded a couple of days ago, discussed the issue and expressed concern over the demographic changes in some parts of the country where population of minorities were increasing drastically.

He claimed that the statement of RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosbale in this regard had been distorted.

Media reports quoted Hosbale a couple of days ago as suggesting to each Hindu family to have at least three children. He based his suggestions on the statistics that indicated the growth rate of children in the 0-6 age group was 15% among Hindus and 18% among Muslims.

While denying Hosbale ever made such a statement, Joshi however said that once former RSS chief KS Sudarshan had advocated that Hindus should have more children. But it was Sudarshan’s personal view and not that of the RSS, he said.

Answering a question, Joshi said that RSS deferred the change in uniform for the swayamsevaks - from khaki shorts to full pant - by at least two three years.

The youngsters want the traditional khaki shorts replaced by full pants that are worn by activists of several organizations abroad.

In fact, the RSS organization that operates in the UK and US have a white shirt, full black trousers and white sports shoes as its uniform. They have requested the organization to change the attire and keep it in tune with the times so that they are presentable, especially while going to shakhas.

"It’s true that a section of swayamsevaks wanted full trousers to replace the khaki shorts. But there are many others who are against the change. Hence, we haven’t taken a decision. The RSS had decided not to discuss the issue for at least another two- three years," he said and informed that the issue may be discussed afresh in coming days.

Joshi said that the RSS would strongly oppose the proposed Communal and Targetted Violence Bill that would be introduced in the winter session of Parliament.

"The bill is highly biased, unlawful and dangerously anti-Hindu," he said and appealed to all members of Parliament to opposed it."

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