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Saucy Pooja Bedi gets candid

Actor Pooja Bedi says despite all the criticism, she has chosen to keep her bold image as is. Catch the sassy babe here.

india Updated: Apr 13, 2006 14:12 IST

Actor Pooja Bedi says despite all the criticism, she has chosen to keep her bold image as is. Though she does agree that she has tempered down some bit. Catch the sassy and saucy babe in a candid chat:
Q Why have you withdrawn from the big screen?
   I feel that television is the
   medium for me now.
   As an actress your career is
   limited to a few years. The
   moment your beauty 
   begins to diminish, you are
   discarded as a used sanitary pad.

Q What about the incident in which you posed unsavoury questions to BigB?
That happened some five years ago. Amitabh was indeed offended by my bold questions. But I have not as yet learnt to temper my words with caution. I can’t change my nature.

Q Don’t you think popularity of a TV star is not as much as those working

for the big screen?
   I don’t agree with this perspective. Good TV serials are watched by millions while halls screening ordinary films often remain vacant.

Q What more have you in mind with regard to your TV shows ?
   Apart from my present the talk show, I will be doing two others for two different channels. And these are not about the fluff in the life of celebrities. Farhan Khan and Mahesh Bhatt have agreed to talk on divorce while Sabrina Lal will talk on the Jessica murder case.
Q Are you planning to become the Oprah Winfrey of India?
      I just want to give my best shot.

Q Do you hate the women, who have crush on your father Kabir Bedi?    Yes. I am very proud of being my daddy’s babe. But I become very jealous  when raunchy young women come up and admit before me that they have a crush on my father. I still consider him to be a gentle giant.

Q Have you ever visited Malpa in Pithoragarh where your mother Pooja died in a landslide during her yatra?
I have never been able to go to Malpa, where my mother is buried. But I love  her and remember her every day.