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Savour some Holi bites

Here, we have, chefs, sharing with us some secret lip-smacking recipes of Holi dishes, to keep the tradition alive. Try these out at home and delight your guests by displaying your culinary skills.

india Updated: Mar 19, 2011 00:55 IST
Sharmila Chand

How can any festival be celebrated without much fuss over food. Traditionally, every family has a favourite family sweet, which is eventually passed on to the new generation. Here, we have, chefs, sharing with us some secret lip-smacking recipes of Holi dishes, to keep the tradition alive. Try these out at home and delight your guests by displaying your culinary skills.

All Time Favourite Thandai

Almond 100 gm
Poppy seeds 25 gm
Dried melon seeds 25 gm
Fresh rose petals 10 gm
Green cardamom 05 gm
Whole pepper corn 10 gm
Saffron 2 gm
Sugar 400 gm
Milk 2 lit


Boil the milk with saffron in a deep pan. After the initial boiling, set it aside and allow it to cool. Meanwhile soak almonds, melon seeds, poppy seeds, rose petals cardamom and pepper corn in two cups of water and keep aside. Grind soaked ingredients to make a smooth paste. Pour some water into this paste and strain through muslin strainer. Blend the above-made mix with milk. Chill for about an hour before serving.

Recipe by chef Nimish Bhatia, Lalit

The Quintessential gujia

For the dough

Refined flour (maida) 1000 gm
Ghee / Cooking Oil 300 gm
For the stuffing
Khoya 1000 gm
Pistachio 100 gm
Broken cashewnut 100 gm
Chironji 100 gm
For the syrup
Sugar 1000 gm
Water 400 gm
Warq (silver paper) 10 leafs
Pistachio 25 gm

Sieve refined flour in a bowl. Melt the ghee or oil and add to the flour to make a dough. Divide into equal portions (it will make 70 pieces). Make sugar syrup on fire of one string. If you want to make without it then add crushed misri (candy) 100 gms to the stuffing. Make stuffing by mixing khoya, chopped pista, cashewnuts and chironji. Roll out the pre-portioned dough into a round, put some stuffing at one end and fold over the other end making a semi-circle. Seal the ends as shown in the picture with a fork. Heat the ghee/oil in a kadhai and fry the gujias . Take out and put them in sugar syrup. Decorate with warq or pistachio.
Recipe by chef Nissar Waris, WelcomHotel Sheraton

Aloo Sumilan
Potatoes 300gms
Fresh green peas 150 gms
Cornflour 40 gms
Ginger chopped half inch
Green chilli 1-2 nos
Fresh coriander 2-4 sprigs
Salt to taste
Green cardamoms ground 2-3
Black cardamom ground 1
Chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Garam masala 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds whole 1/2 tsp
Dry coriander 1/4 tsp

Boil, peel and mash potatoes.
Boil peas separately. Add all ingredients in potatoes and peas except cornflour and oil. Mix well. Add dry masala in mashed peas then stuff it into the above potato mash made into dumplings. Coat patties lightly with corn flour and finally coat with corn flakes .
Heat oil and shallow-fry till golden brown. Serve hot as a side dish or as a snack.
Recipe by chef Devraj Halder, The Suryaa

Chocolate and dry fruit gujia

For the dough

Flour 300 gm
Ghee 8 tbs
Baking soda 1/4 tsp
Powdered sugar 1-2 tbs
Cocoa powder 60 gm
Fresh grated coconut 100 gm
Cashew nuts chopped fine 3 tbs
Raisins chopped fine 3 tbs
Dates chopped fine 3 tbs
Almonds flakes 50gm
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
Saffron A pinch
Dark chocolate 500 gm
Cream 125 ml

Mix flour, sugar, baking soda, cocoa powder and ghee. Add water and knead. Melt chocolate with cream, add cashews, almonds, coconut, cardamom powder, dates, raisins, saffron and ginger powder. Divide the dough into equal sized balls. Roll out into circles. Put the chocolate dry fruit filling in the centre of each circle and fold into a half moon. Press the edges tight and pleat the edges. Heat ghee in a pan and deep fry the gujia. Coat them with icing sugar or chocolate.
By chef Neeraj Tyagi, The Claridges

Toothsome malpua
Milk 1 ltr
Maida 200 gm
Suji 10 gm
Pure Ghee 1 kg
Water 500 ml
Sugar 500 gm

Boil the milk till it reduces to 500 ml quantity. Roast the suji till it becomes light brown. Add the milk along with maida, there should not be lumps. It should be a smooth batter. Heat ghee in a thick bottom pan on medium heat. Take the batter in a hollow spoon or small bowl and slowly pour in the pan. If the batter scatters, add a little more maida to it, else cook till it becomes light brown pancakes. To make the sugar syrup, boil sugar and water till it becomes thick. Dip the Malpua (pancake) in the syrup and lay out on a plate.
Recipe by chef Tarun Kapoor, The Metropolitan

Festive Nuts Stuffed Phyllo

Phyllo (pastry sheets) 1 lb
Butter 1 1/2 cup
Chopped almonds 1 lb
Breadcrumbs 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/4 cup
Cinnamon 1 tsp
Cloves 1/2 tsp
Sugar 4 cup
Juice of 1 lemon

Place 1 pastry sheet in well-buttered baking pan and brush with butter. Place second pastry sheet over it and butter again. Repeat until you get 6 layers. Mix almonds, breadcrumbs, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Sprinkle top pastry sheet with almond mixture and place two buttered pastry sheets over this. Repeat the same till all ingredients have been used. Brush top with butter. Make diamond shaped pieces. Bake in moderate oven for about 1 hour. To prepare syrup, boil sugar, water and lemon juice for 10 minutes. Pour hot syrup over cooked baklava. Allow to stand several hours before serving.
Recipe by chef Nishant Choubey, Cibo, Janpath