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Search and seize

india Updated: Jun 26, 2011 21:31 IST

Those who feel that any publicity is good publicity stand a good chance of getting on the wrong side of Delhi-based businessman and film-maker Arindam Chaudhuri. As a magazine, publishing house and writer recently discovered, Mr Chaudhuri is not to be trifled with when it comes to writing about his pony-tailed personage.

Incensed by an article on him which he feels is defamatory, libellous and slanderous, he has sued his critics for a whopping Rs 50 crore. But Mr Chaudhuri, always ahead of the curve, has gone on to include search engine Google in his lawsuit.

Mr Chaudhuri's argument is that the data that Google aggregates each time anyone searches for his name on the Web not only contains the 'good' information on him but also the 'bad'. Therefore, the search giant is equally guilty of sullying his reputation.

While cyber lawyers are racking their brains about the extent of accountability of a search engine, which merely collates information on the internet rather than provide selective chunks of data, we have a few suggestions for Mr Chaudhuri. He shouldn't stop at Google.

No, he should take on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other social networks which may also be up to no good when it comes to his fair name. And then onward to sue internet itself. And if he wants to leave nothing to chance, the toothy techie should tell Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Research In Motion and all other companies what's what.

Let us hope the dear man is busy with his legal pursuits and does not wake up this bright Monday morning and read our recommendations. A lawsuit is the last thing we want given that we don't have two pennies to rub together, leave alone crores.

But if it helps, we would just like to say that we admire his litigious instincts and that we are off to search for him on a site which we will not name, only to collate all that is so patently good in him.