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Search for divinity

india Updated: Mar 13, 2012 00:50 IST
PP Wangchuk
PP Wangchuk
Hindustan Times
PP Wangchuk

Live and let live is the best philosophy of life. Hence, will you mind if I ask you whether you would like to be killed? Idiotic question, but it has a moral message.

The issue is if you don’t like to be killed, then why are you a partner (by eating animals’ flesh) in killing animals for the satisfaction of your taste?

Sant Rajinder Singh raises this point in his book, Spark of the Divine.

If you love yourself, then there are three things that need immediate attention: that killing is a sin, that non-vegetarianism is not good for health, and that we are here for the progress of our soul and rise spiritually so that our mission on this planet gets completed or moves towards completion.

The Sant has several reasons why we humans need to be vegetarians. The foremost is that spiritualism believes in nonviolence and eating animals’ flesh is your direct participation in violence. One must keep in mind that a non-vegetarian can never be at peace with himself and the world. His body is filled with vibes of hatred and violence.

Most non-vegetarians are ignorant of the need to not eat meat, but there are others who believe that animals are not conscious beings and hence can be killed. Can there be a more foolish argument?

We are what we eat! When we eat animals, we become no better than animals because we give out the vibrations of what we eat. Their hormones become a part of our body system and insanity sets in.

Non-vegetarianism also violates the principle of love for animals, the environment and the planet. Our existence can’t be peaceful if the principle of coexistence is threatened.

Non-vegetarianism also violates the law of karma. As the author says, the law of karma can be understood as the ethical application of the third law of physics: For every action, there is a reaction. In this case, non-vegetarianism means straying from the path that leads to the divine spark.