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Search for the ultimate reality

india Updated: Nov 25, 2009 01:46 IST
MN Kundu

A young man called Bhrigu developed deep metaphysical quest, but he could not get a satisfactory reply from bookish learning.

His father Varuna was a realised master and as such he approached him.

Spiritual learning has to be developed from within. Varuna advised that to realise the Absolute, one must adopt self-discipline and concentrate on repeated self-inquiry.

He also provided a clue that whereby the entire universe is sourced and sustained and where it finally gets dissolved is the ultimate.

Bhrigu plunged deeper within and found that everything apparent springs from the universal matter, in matter they abide and
into matter they finally get dissolved.

We live in material world and our body is made of and nourished by the five elements. The ultimate, therefore, must be the universal principle of matter.

Now doubt entered his mind. Everything cannot be explained in terms of matter.

The universal life force or élan vital is the subtle force behind matter.

Everything comes into being out of life force, nourished as long as it is there and finally gets dissolved into the universal flux.

Hence, life force must be the ultimate.

Again his father told him to search further. Mature spiritual progress is driven by honest doubts. Bhrigu found out the inadequacy of his findings and made his third discovery that ultimate reality is cosmic mind. We all live in psychological reality. Objective world is relative to the subjective recognition and acceptance — “I think, therefore, I am.”

Hence, the ultimate is universal mind.

Again Varuna just smiled and advised him to carry on. Bhrigu found that mind is highly fluctuating with so many currents and cross-currents of thinking, feeling and willing. Rather, he found universal intellect has a common basis and firm foundation.

Therefore, he felt that the principle of universal intellect must be the ultimate.

Varuna advised him to carry on. Now, Bhrigu found that intellect is pure abstraction and too neutral to be the ultimate. The ultimate reality must be infinite existence, consciousness and joy.

Thus, he found the guiding factors behind creation, preservation and transformation.