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Searching to secure our national security

The report Kalam frisking: Airline booked (July 22) is a reminder to us to stop giving undue importance to so-called VIPs.

india Updated: Jul 24, 2009 23:03 IST

The report Kalam frisking: Airline booked (July 22) is a reminder to us to stop giving undue importance to so-called VIPs. Nothing is above national security. By frisking former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Continental Airways has committed no crime and should not be asked to apologise, especially when Kalam did not have any problem with being the procedure. Our politicians are making a mountain out of a molehill only because exemption from security checks is a status symbol for them. This pseudo-imposition of self-importance needs to be curbed.

Atul Dev, via email

Keep the heat on Pakistan

Barkha Dutt, in her article Another bend in the road (Third eye, July 18), has kept aside various twists and turns in the Indo-Pak joint statements and lauded the process of dialogue between the two nations. But what Dutt seems to have forgotten is that Pakistan cannot be relied upon for any sort of composite dialogue. The Pakistani government’s lackadaisical attitude towards the trial of Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of 26/11, says it all. The need of the hour is to put pressure on Pakistan and ask it to take concrete steps against the terror mechanism on its soil. A dialogue will only delay matters.

Manisha Sethi, Delhi


It is easy for a journalist like Barkha Dutt to find shortcomings in joint statements and foreign policies of India and Pakistan while sitting in a plush Egyptian hotel. Does she realise how much effort and experience go into formulating documents of such importance? If she feels that the statement from India and Pakistan in Sharm el-Sheikh wasn’t a well-crafted one, why doesn’t she use her skills to draft a balanced statement for the government the next time?

Jatinder Sethi, Gurgaon


The reference to Balochistan in the Indo-Pakistan joint statement in Egypt is one thing and Pakistan’s attempts to control terrorism is another. By mixing the two, Pakistan is trying to divert world attention from the core issue of terrorism. India should not let Pakistan succeed in its intentions. The Zardari government should make a choice between the short-term goal of taking advantage of India’s comment on Balochistan and the long-term gain of ridding Pakistan of terrorists.

RL Pathak, Delhi

Confession of a terrorist

Apropos of the report The court can hang me if it wants: Kasab (July 23), it seems that even Ajmal Kasab is frustrated with our legal system and the stardom that has been bestowed upon him by the media. By delaying justice, we are only helping Kasab. This is bound to encourage other terrorists and make India their preferred target.

S. Kamat, Goa


Ajmal Kasab’s statements should not be taken seriously. If the judiciary awards him the death sentence, the police won’t be able to get information related to Kasab’s aides, masters and other terrorist groups from him. The information will help us to prevent future attacks.

Chakrapani, Bangalore

It will demoralise our forces

This is with reference to the report NHRC backs police role in Batla House (July 23). The issue of the Batla House encounter has been unnecessarily politicised by our selfish politicians who want to play to the gallery by raising the minority issue. At a time when national security is under threat, raising questions on the creditability of the police will only demoralise our personnel.

SD Sahay, Delhi