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Secret of popularity

Best friend has life served on a golden platter with a ruby lining to boot. No honestly, I am terribly irked.

india Updated: Dec 09, 2007 04:19 IST
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Best friend has life served on a golden platter with a ruby lining to boot. No honestly, I am terribly irked. I cook an elaborate Sunday lunch and our friends burp and say, “He is suuuuccchh (sic) fun.” I ferry friends, his and mine, and their third cousins from the airport or station to hotel or home and I am told, “He is a chump.” And the final straw is when the Home Minister compliments me on my very novel “air of calm” only to add, “Thanks to him.”

I will not have him steal my thunder just like that, so I get on the net.

On they offer something called the Get Popular Hypnosis Script, which apparently has been written ‘to help anyone who would like to be more popular but who may not be sure how to go about it.’ I was quite excited about it till I realised that the script was priced at $12.95 and if you wanted the MP3 audio also it came to around $16.95.

N search of a cheaper remedy I dived into and came up with this pearl of wisdom ‘The secret to popularity is not to be interesting, but to be interested’. I make a mental note and the next time I was at a party I was all ears. The site also said something about smiling a lot. So I smiled at everyone who sat across me and listened intently, till, Best Friend tap tapped me on the shoulder and said “M is rather upset, she told you N was having an affair and you kept smiling all through. She thinks you know who he is having an affair with."

When it’s not Best Friend getting in the way of my popularity score it is the loud music. Such is life.

If you google ‘how to be popular’ you will come across half a dozen sites for school children. How to win a school election, how to be the most popular girl, how to date the most popular guy… My junior school years were slaughtered at the altar of this popularity beast. Being popular was a big deal at that particular phase. In fact, a bigger deal than later because I was in every way just the opposite.

From what I read about sites like things haven’t changed that much.

Why else would this web service offer you at 99 cents each per month 'all the friends you can afford to leave comments on your MySpace, Friendster, or Facebook page’.

I will be d***** if I have to go shopping for friends now to compete with Best Friend. So I went shopping for party gear. JS is organising his pre Christmas bash. The invitations have gone out. Best Friend will be going and so will I. So there I was in GK when the phone rang. It was J, “Just make sure Best Friend is there. Otherwise it ain't no fun. And if you can wrap up the edition you try and come too. Just remember to pick up M and get the wine and oh those CDs you bought …”

“The problem with you is that you don't have a generosity of spirit,” Best Friend commented as I raved and ranted, till he marched right up to me and said, “Look at it this way, you are most wanted so what if you are not as popular as I am."

Someone take him away from my sight...