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Secured and unsafe

The next time you spot a suspicious character at a party, keep shut. It’s just a security drill.

india Updated: Jan 06, 2010 21:25 IST

If the iconic movie The Party in which a movie extra called Hrundi V. Bakshi finds himself at a bash thrown by a top Hollywood moghul, thanks to a clerical error, were to be remade today, we have a readymade setting. It would be the White House where, unlike Bakshi played to perfection by the late Peter Sellers, you would not even need the benefit of a clerical mistake to be able to attend elite get-togethers. As soon as the White House finished scrambling for cover after a couple were found to have gatecrashed the dinner for the Indian prime minister comes news that a third uninvited guest had also rubbed shoulders with the schmoozers of the Beltway.

Clearly, these were test runs to work out the permutations and combinations that terrorists might resort to in order to have a natter with Barack and Michelle. For example, what if Osama were to nip by dressed in a tacky sari like
the Salahi woman or do an impersonation of Duke Ellington as the last gatecrasher did. The secret service was just testing to see whether anyone would spot the odd bods at the party. And obviously the exercise was a great success except that the nosey parkers in the media gave the game away.

So the next time around, if you think you have spotted a suspicious character at a restricted bash, do keep your thoughts to yourself. They are just pretending to enjoy the guacamole and chatter only to refine the filtering operations of the secret service. Oh, and by the way, the gent who you thought was Manmohan Singh was secret service agent Connors just testing how alert you really are. Seeing is not believing, you know.