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Self-serving partnership

Barkha Dutt in Worth two in the Mush (February 23) has unfairly compared a democratically elected President and the army ruler of Pakistan.

india Updated: Feb 29, 2008 20:50 IST

Barkha Dutt in Worth two in the Mush (February 23) has unfairly compared a democratically elected President and the army ruler of Pakistan. Of course, sending troops to Iraq had definitely made President Bush unpopular, but he still won the presidency for the second term. Musharraf, on the contrary, has not gone through such a test in his life. Now the Pakistanis have found something sinister in the friendship between Musharraf with America, whereas the fact has been that Pakistan has always been the blue-eyed boy of the US. In fact, every US President has had close relations with Pakistan’s rulers and have supported Pakistan against India.

Shanti Bhushan, Noida


Barkha Dutt is right in saying that America is both Pakistan’s destroyer and saviour. Their friendship seems to be one of compulsion, since both have burnt their fingers simultaneously by taking wrong decisions and now both are finding solace in each other’s arms. The future of George Bush is certain, whereas Musharraf’s is hanging in the balance. Their next meeting point may be a resort in the south of France.

GK Arora, Delhi


Barkha Dutt has rightly highlighted the fact that Bush and Musharraf are facing testing times. Both have ruled their countries for a considerable period of time witnessing ups and down like any other president. Every person has admirers and critics. Pakistan’s politics has been dependent on America and this might be true in future also.

HV Sinha, Jaipur


Barkha Dutt tries to strike remarkable similarities between George W. Bush and Pervez Musharraf. But she must know that Bush is a democratically elected US head while Musharraf is a military dictator who seized power by quashing the democratic forces in his country. Unlike Bush, Musharraf needs external support from the US to remain in power. It’s the US that will decide the future of Pakistan and Musharraf, not the Pakistanis.

Saad ullah khan, Aligarh

Derailing the deal

Apropos of the editorial Counting beyond 123 (February 28), it is undemocratic for the country if a political party or group opposes the Indo-US nuclear deal only to deny President George Bush one significant foreign policy triumph before he leaves the White House. Is it not enough that India has succeeded to get the best terms and a position of equality with the US? The Opposition should consider the damage that will be caused to the national prestige if we go back on our commitments with other countries.

Ved Guliani, Hissar

Essence of Islam

With reference to the report Darul fatwa against terror (February 26), the recent declaration by the Darul Uloom of Deoband denouncing terrorism as anti-Islamic is a welcome step. Religion should be used for promoting communal harmony and not misused for fissiparous tendencies and killing innocent people. The logic of survival through terrorism, as propounded by terror outfits, should be defeated at all costs for ensuring the victory of communal amity and universal brotherhood.

Safdar H Khan, Delhi


That terrorism is incompatible with Islam is not a new revelation for the Quran equates the killing of a human being with the killing of humanity. What must be lauded is the open condemnation by the Darul Uloom of acts of terror at a time when a handful of fanatics are using the fair name of Islam to justify their un-Islamic acts. Let the Darul Uloom be bolder against the jehadists to protect the Muslim faith from being hijacked by a fanatic few.

Manzar Imam, Delhi


The declaration made at the Darul Uloom conference is praiseworthy. Islam deplores all forms of terror in the strongest words. Hotheads in the Muslim community are hell-bent on tarnishing the image of Islam. The lack of knowledge about the true tenets of Islam is proving a setback to the propagation of the religion. The unanimous decision in this regard is a positive step and will rectify misinterpretations about jehad.

Khwaja Salahuddin, Muzaffarpur

Now for implementation

Ajit Ranade in Keeping fiscally fit (February 27), has raised an important point regarding the effectiveness of subsidies and loan waivers. The government must try something to ensure that the measures taken benefit the needy. One such option is to set up an auditing committee to ensure the implementation and efficacy of the plans outlined in the budget and to present a clear picture to the public.

Piyush Agarwal, Delhi

Cultureless commissars

This refers to the editorial Vandals without a cause (February 27). The incident which took place in the Delhi University history department was shocking. Converting multiple texts into one text is against the basics of Indian culture. The ABVP outfits must read more about India.

P Bilimale, Delhi