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Seriously yours

india Updated: Jul 27, 2010 00:09 IST

After reading Manu Joseph’s Serious Men, in pieces, I tried to be serious enough to ponder over the meaning and real issues of life.

I think, I have always been somewhat serious about life; but not to the extent that I would go mad about its uncertainties.

This brings me to the question as to should one be serious in life, and to what extent? And, what is it that makes one a serious person? Let’s have an extract from Manu’s book: “He (the main character, after being dejected with his wife and life) suddenly felt an irresistible urge to fall down and go to sleep, like the perpetual drunkards of the chawls. He felt like fleeing to some place far away where he could be single, where he could expect nothing from people and people would expect nothing from him. He would eat from the fruits of a tree owned by no man, and sleep under the clear, blue skies, lulled by the sound of the waves and the winds from far-away lands. He imagined himself on a giant hoarding, his back to the world, walking on a large long tapering road towards an endless sea, and from the horizon of the sea rose the incandescent words, ‘Free Man.’ But he knew that the freedom of a bachelor is the freedom of a stray dog.”

What does one say to that? If I were to comment, it would go like this: “Life is highly uncertain. Nobody knows what is in store for tomorrow. Therefore, be deadly serious about life and enjoy as much as you can today. Do all the good things today and keep the bad ones for tomorrow. One may never get to tackle them. Freedom to enjoy the good things of life, and to choose and ignore the bad ones!

As they say, today is a valuable gift, and tomorrow could be a mirage. That is why Cervantes had said,” If a man does not enjoy his good fortune today when he has it, then he should not complain when it is gone.”