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'She was in love but...'

Nikhil Taneja talks about how his friend tried wooing his crush in typical Kal Ho Naa Ho style. Read the strange twist in this short romantic story...

india Updated: Aug 20, 2008 15:46 IST
Nikhil Taneja

Nikhil Taneja on how his friend’s plan backfired...

My friend Sameer fell in love with the cute Megha at first sight. He desperately wanted her to be her life partner. But to be quite honest, his track record in this matter was pretty sad. The number of misses were way more than the actual hits. So he approached his experienced friend-cum-colleague Anurag to guide him on this sensitive issue.

In typical Kal Ho Naa Ho style, Anurag taught Sameer all the moves that he needs to take to woo that lady. The plan went thus: first he would try his best and initiate a conversation with Megha, then later would ask Sameer to join in for a while, and then leave them alone making some excuse or the other.

Time for a gift
Sameer got along well with Megha. Soon they became good friends. Gradually text messages followed by frequent calls...and slowly but surely he was on the way to wooing her.

Anurag then suggested that Sameer get a unique gift for Megha. A gift that would show her how much he loved her. So Sameer went out and bought the gift...which we will keep a secret given its intimate nature. Then working up the courage, he landed at Megha’s hostel.

Initially, Megha refused to meet him because Sameer had mentioned that it was ‘something special’. But when she gave in and found out what the gift was, she was aghast. She said, "Please tell me this is not for me."

Now this is not the way a person who is in love behaves. It suddenly struck Sameer that he had misunderstood her feelings all along. Disheartened, he left the hostel.

No feelings
But in a last-ditch effort to save face, he explained to her that the gift was for his crush. He said he considered Megha his closest friend, so he wanted her approval first.

To save him further embarrassment, Megha behaved as if she was convinced of this clearly fake notion of a ‘crush’. She apologised for having misunderstood his intentions.

Wrong guy
My friend returned home sad that his feelings were not reciprocated. He was puzzled because Megha had behaved like she was in love. He soon found out that she was in love — but with Anurag! All the advice Anurag had given Sameer had paid off — but not for Sameer. Because Megha ended up asking Anurag out, and he went along happily.

Sameer has now sworn that when it comes to girls, he’ll follow his own heart rather than turn to someone for advice.