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Sheena’s emails to close friend reveal harassment by Indrani in 2009

Sheena murder mystery Updated: Feb 19, 2016 11:08 IST
Charul Shah
Charul Shah
Hindustan Times
Sheena Bora

Indrani Mukerjea had allegedly harassed and opposed Sheena Bora’s relation with Peter Mukerjea’s son Rahul Mukerjea, the emails reveal.(Photo courtesy- Sheena Bora's Facebook page)

Sheena Bora had shared details about harassment by her mother Indrani Mukerjea via emails in 2009 with her close friend and former classmate from Guwahati. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is in possession of the email exchange between Sheena and Sanjana Phukan Raktim which reveals that Sheena’s relationship with Indrani, already strained, worsened further after Indrani learnt about her relationship with Peter Mukerjea’s son Rahul.

In her statement to the CBI, Raktim said she tried many times to contact Sheena after April 24, 2012 – the day she was murdered. Her statement reads, “Thereafter, we made various efforts to trace Sheena, but in vain.”

Raktim is believed to be the person who called the Mumbai police soon after news of Sheena’s death broke last year, and informed them that Sheena was not Indrani’s sister – as Indrani used to claim in public – but her daughter.

According to Raktim, she and Sheena stayed in touch through phone calls, text messages and emails after they left school. She said Sheena confided in her often, especially when she was being harassed by Indrani.

Raktim said that when Sheena saw on the news that Indrani had married Peter, she started weeping. She also said that Sheena had told her she was in love with son Rahul and that Indrani strongly objected to their relationship. “Once, in 2009, while Sheena was in Delhi, I sent her an SMS and she told me that she was in the hospital as she had been wrongly medicated by Indrani,” Raktim told the CBI.

“Indrani was not happy with Sheena’s and Rahul’s relationship and she strongly objected to it. Sheena told me that Indrani had even badmouthed Sheena before her seniors at her workplace in Mumbai. She had got a job in Mumbai and Indrani was trying to get her out of that job,” Raktim added. She said that following this incident, Sheena decided to sever all contacts with Indrani.

In one of her emails to Ratkim, Sheena wrote, “I am not in touch with my mother. She can’t change and I have understood that by now. I do not wish to make my life difficult by getting back in touch with her. She has never made any effort to make things between us better. After the Delhi incident (in which Sheena landed up in hospital after Indrani allegedly gave her the wrong medication) and after she tried to get me chucked out of my job, I have no good regards for her.” In the same mail, she said that she was happier with her grandparents, her brother and her friends.

Raktim said Sheena had told her that she and Rahul were living together in a rented flat in Mumbai. “Sheena told me that she intended to take a loan to enroll in an MBA course in London. She did not want to take any monetary help from Indrani. Sheena’s marriage with Rahul would have led to people in Mumbai circles knowing that Sheena is Indrani’s daughter and not her sister,” Raktim said.

Siddharth Das’ statement

In his statement to the CBI on January 4, 2016, Sheena’s biological father Siddharth Das said, “After [her] engagement with Rahul, Sheena informed me about the same over the phone. I also talked with Rahul on the phone after her request and gave my blessings to them for their engagement. Prior to this, I met with Sheena when she had come to Guwahati for renewal of her passport in 2010. After that I never met with her.”


The CBI’s charge sheet has revealed several details about the Sheena Bora case, including disparate payments to her and step-sister Vidhie and email exchange with an old friend.

Emails between Sheena and her friend Sanjana Phukan Paktim in 2009, in which Sheena discusses moving in with Rahul Mukerjea and how Indrani has been trying to get her thrown out of her job:

Sheena To Sanjana | October 26, 2009

“I am not in touch with my mother... she can’t change. I have understood that till now. I don’t wish to make my life difficult by getting back in touch with her. She has never made any effort to make things better between us... after all the Delhi incident and again trying to get me chucked out of my job, I have no good regards for her. I cannot forgive her.”

Sheena To Sanjana | August 24, 2009

“I am putting up with Peter’s youngest son, Rahul soon... will share an apartment.. when u come I will ask him to stay out if u want.”

Sanjana To Sheena | August 24, 2009

“Why are u staying with Rahul? What happened to your own flat?”

Sheena To Sanjana | August 26, 2009

“That’s a company flat... I am the only girl staying there... not safe. Out of the city at power station plant... so we all discussed and came up with this idea. Don’t have any friend in town to share a flat with. Rahul is by himself and no contact with his dad or my mum. So works out for both of us. No passing on information and stuff to that witch/bitch.” “When I was unwell and had met with an accident nobody was there, who I could go to for help ya... I have been through deep shit last week... my socalled mother called up my boss and gave him some bullshit that I want to leave the job... basically she tried throwing me out of the job thru her contacts... she stopped my salary as well... I was supposed to get my salary on the 1st of July, I finally got it on the 17 of this month... it was a complete mayhem!! I tried, I tried, I tried and saved my job... her plan basically backfired haa haa!! Now me ok... all settled... looking for apartment now...”