Sheena murder three years old, forensics will play key role now

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 29, 2015 15:20 IST
A combination photo of Indrani Mukerjea and her daughter Sheena Bora. (PTI Photo)

As investigators waddle through an intriguing web of lies and deceit in the Sheena Bora murder case, it is imperative for the Mumbai Police to have a stronghold of the little evidence they have. Forensics in this case, three years after the crime was committed, will play a key role.

Currently, the remains of the body that are in possession of the Mumbai Police are in a condition that has raised doubts over conclusive forensic investigations. Here are the processes the investigators can use to crack the case:

Skull facts

If the skull has been retrieved, then the first thing to ensure is that the teeth are intact. At the time of conducting the investigation, it must not be removed. Facial features like the jawline and certain dental features can come in handy using the superimposition technique wherein the picture of the remaining skull is taken and then matched using the photograph of the deceased. It is a sophisticated technique and requires high forensic expertise.

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Hair and DNA

The hair also can prove to be an important piece of evidence. Forensic analysis of hair samples in order to extract DNA is a method commonly used for the purpose of identification in parental DNA testing. However, it is imperative that the bulb of the hair is intact. Given Sheena Bora's case, it is improbable that the hair bulb would be present. However, a mitochondrial DNA test can help establish the maternity of the dead. (A mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA test) traces a person's matrilineal or mother-line ancestry using the DNA in his or her mitochondria. mtDNA is passed down by the mother unchanged, to all children).

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Missing proof

To ascertain the cause of death, the soft tissues play a key role, which are bound to be missing in the given case. But, employing the above techniques can surely give some headway into the case which is already riddled with lacunae.

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