Sir, find my dog: UP governor's order opens floodgates

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Lucknow
  • Updated: Jul 03, 2015 15:27 IST

While it may sound like a cock-and-bull story, the Uttar Pradesh governor’s directive to police to crack a case of rooster theft in Rampur has caused an unusual flutter in Raj Bhawan’s mailbox.

Even as cops are busy tracing stolen hens of Rampur resident Farhan Ullah Khan, after they were prodded by governor Ram Naik, many from the district have started sending letters with similar requests to him for tracing their goats and dogs.

Police in the state are, however, not without prior experience in handling such cases, and with success too. Just a few weeks ago, the police had arrested one person for allegedly stealing buffaloes of senior UP minister Azam Khan.

Khan’s cattle had gone missing from his Rampur farm house in January 2014 and police had acted promptly to trace them.Sources said that days after the news of governor’s “generosity” went viral, one Mohammad Sayed Khan wrote to Naik requesting him to direct cops to trace his missing goat.

Resident of Rampur’s Muin Pathan locality, Khan sent an e-mail to the governor hoping to evoke a similar intervention in his case too. As if it was not enough, Rajmi Khan, a resident of Imali Ashmat Khan locality of Rampur, too sent a complaint to Raj Bhawan regarding theft of his dog on June 29.

“I went to Ganj police station to lodge a complaint but the cops threw me out. I am left with no other option but to seek assistance from the Raj Bhawan,” he said. Rajmi has also announced a reward of Rs 5,000 for tracing his missing dog.

“District police do not entertain minor theft complaints as they are under pressure to maintain law and order and attend VIP duties. The direction from Raj Bhawan would compel the police officers to take cognizance of such complaints of the common people as well,” said a police officer.

It all started with Farhan, a resident of Rampur’s Bangla Azad Khan locality, approaching the governor for help after police failed to act on his repeated complaints about hens stolen from his home three months ago.

“I visited Lucknow and handed over a copy of the complaint to the governor and requested him to direct Rampur police to search for the missing hens,” he had told HT.

“To my surprise within few days, the cops came knocking on my door. They collected details of the theft and inspected the area from where the birds were lifted,” Khan said.

Governor Naik told Hindustan Times that the “doors of Raj Bhavan are open to the common people”.

“I take cognisance of complaints sent by people and direct officers to dispose them off.Direction to Rampur police to locate Farhan’s hens is purely on humanitarian grounds,” Naik stressed.

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