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Slackers, rejoice

Overworking may not only cause heartburn but also a heart attack. But what is ‘overworking’?

india Updated: Apr 05, 2011 22:26 IST

On a dry day like this when absolutely nothing excites us, and only the tyranny of the biometric attendance machine keeps us back in the office, only grand revelations can spice up our dreary existence. According to a paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, clocking up extra hours in office raises the risk of heart attack. The study, conducted by University College of London, has found that those who spend more than 11 hours at work (criminal!), compared with seven or eight hours a day (still criminal!), increase their chances of having a heart attack by two thirds.

For their study, the researchers tracked 7,095 civil servants, between the vulnerable ages of 39 and 62, over a period of 11 years and established how many hours they worked on average a day. Over the period, 192 had suffered a heart attack. Since by now you must have done a quick calculation about how much time you spend in office and the health risks that you are facing, do pass on the study results to those gentle and caring souls of your company, your human resources team. On second thoughts, may be you shouldn’t. At least not now, as during this cruellest month, they are probably busy burning the midday oil to do your yearly appraisals.

To be fair, this study is not foolproof. How can staying back in office always mean hard work? As a new AC advertisement very succinctly shows, many prefer staying back because of the wonderful climate control machine. There could be other reasons too: the yellow coffee machine or wonderful activities such as Facebooking or chatting. Now such people can stay over 11 hours in office glued to the computer and yet walk out fit and fine. The moral of the story: it’s not the hours, but the pressure that can get you. For the real sloggers, of course, we have nothing to say but best of luck. Or keep in mind what the American funny guy and ventriloquist

Edgar Bergen said: Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?