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Sow the seeds of hope for Indian farmers

india Updated: Dec 02, 2009 21:04 IST

Sow the seeds of hope for Indian farmers
The editorial No party on the farm (Our Take, December 1) rightly cautions about the perils of a failed monsoon, which may affect our economy this year. The growth of 7.9 per cent in the second quarter is heartening in the backdrop of a financial recession. India is an agrarian economy and the government should take the necessary steps to rejuvenate the farm sector. Farmers are continuously exploited by traders who pay a pittance for their produce. No wonder we have the highest number of farmers committing suicide after they are unable to pay off heavy debts. The government must work towards an inclusive economy and provide for a stimulus package for this sector as well.
Ashok Goswami, via email

We must do it our way
The report Theft not ruled out at Kaiga nuclear plant (December 1), should not be taken lightly by the Indian atomic establishment. The Chernobyl disaster in the USSR, and the long-term problems that it led to, is still fresh in our minds. India should be careful while establishing the nuclear power stations and handling nuclear waste and radiation leaks. In fact, India’s energy needs do not lie in nuclear energy but in renewable energy, which is safe and reliable. Trying to sell nuclear power to India is just an opportunity for developed nations to make profits, provide employment to their citizens and come out of their economic slowdown.
C.K. Sharma, Gurgaon

The report is unsatisfactory on the part of nuclear power plant officials. The government has washed its hands off by saying the Kaiga nuclear leak is an ‘inside job’. The report isn’t transparent, as it doesn’t give the exact cause of the leakage. This incident sends out
an alarm signal to all those regions that are eco-sensitive.
Sumit Dhanraj, Delhi

A timid and ineffectual response
This has reference to the report Come summer, Ladakh road will be back on track (December 1). One notices that China has been consistent in making its intentions loud and clear through well-planned provocations at regular intervals. And this time around they want to stop work on a village road at Demchok in Ladakh. The Centre must stop acting like a victim and take the Chinese threat seriously to avert a repetition of the 1962 shame. The PM should hasten the process of modernisation of our Armed Forces.
Raghubir Singh, Pune

A commission of omissions
With reference to Pankaj Vohra’s article The 17-year-old scam (Between Us, November 30), the Liberhan Commission has evoked a mixed response across the country. However, after two decades of investigation, the report only states the obvious and has thrown up the names of the usual suspects. There have been no new findings, which
goes to affirm the fact that the commission has no credibility whatsoever.
S.K. Shah, Delhi

Corporation, not Limited
Indrajit Hazra in his article The haunting (December 2) takes a look at the lives of the people of Bhopal 25 years after the gas tragedy. But there is an error in the box appearing with the article. It is mentioned that in 1999 ‘UCIL announces merger with US-based Dow Chemical’. The Dow Chemical Company acquired Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) and not Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL).
Rahul Mathur, Associate Image Manager, Public Relations Ltd, New Delhi