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Spring 2010 trends for men

Yellow is going to be the colour of the season, if not of the year. Expect to see it and wear it on just about anything – T-shirts, shirts, casual zippered jackets, full sleeve tops, muscle vests and...

india Updated: Jan 30, 2010 19:17 IST
Yatan Ahluwalia & Jojo

TrendsA yellow spring

Yellow is going to be the colour of the season, if not of the year. Expect to see it and wear it on just about anything – T-shirts, shirts, casual zippered jackets, full sleeve tops, muscle vests and all forms of sportswear, track pants and footwear included.

What to pick: Bright shades for casual wear and pale tones for formal and business wear. Metallic hues on ties and in a glossy finish on belts, shoes and other accessories.

Combinations: Conventionally, yellow works with blue, black, and green and occasionally with other bright colours like orange and red. You can also team yellow with grey and brown.

The plunging neckline

What’s hot: Deep V-neck full sleeve body-hugging tops for casual wear.

Why: V-neck tops make you look leaner – especially if you have a short or wide neck or a double chin that you want to play down.

Colours: Dark when you need to look slimmer and light when you need to look fuller. Black and white are staple favourites, but you could also experiment with and wear all shades of brown, beige and olive green.

Length: Short lengths work a lot better; the sleeves should end just above or at the wrist - and not any lower.

Styling: Avoid tucking your full sleeve top into your pants, trousers or lowers – they fall a lot better when left out – provided of course, that the length is not too long.

Lipstick on your collar

What’s new:
Fitted shirts with short turn up collars that you can wear in two different ways:


When: For the day or a relaxed and casual setting.

How: Undo the first (or second) button of the shirt. Twist the ends of the collar away from the face, in a sharp and outward direction – without allowing it to touch the base of the shirt.

Button up

When: A business meeting or an early evening cocktail.

How: Fasten all buttons and do not dress the shirt with a tie – most short collars are sharp and smart enough to get enough attention on their own. Ensure the collar looks clean, crisp and well ironed.

On Shirts

Checks will be spring’s favoured pattern and will replace stripes altogether. Here’s how you can carry and wear checks:

Multicoloured checks look a lot brighter than those of the same colour palette.

Unlike large checks, small checks suit more people and most body types.

If you have a heavy build or a large frame, avoid checks altogether, as they tend to make you look both wider and fuller.

Never match checks with more checks or stripes for that matter - solids are always a safer bet.

Check shirts are ideal for the day, especially for spring or summer.

On trousers

As a general rule, stick to wearing single or dual coloured checks on trousers.

Always choose small prints or Scottish tartan - a pattern consisting of small criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands.

Try and wear plain shirts, T-shirts or full sleeve tops with your check trousers.

Check trousers can be worn in the day as well as for evening and club wear.

Checks make skinny legs look fuller, but can also make you look shorter.

Did you know: ‘Madras checks’ and ‘plaid patterns’ were popular for menswear in the 1960s and 1940s respectively, but are on a revival yet again.

Light and dark
The trend:
Colour contrasts for corporate wear.
Dark suits: Solid coloured business and formal suits in charcoal grey, navy blue, chocolate brown and black.
Light shirts and ties: Pale coloured shirts with similar coloured ties – in a palette of pink, grey, beige, yellow, blue and green.
Choosing combinations: Making a decision on what to match should be easy if you are a regular reader of this column – the golden rule is to keep warm tones with warm colours and cold tones with cold colours. For instance, a chocolate brown suit will work with a lemon, beige, yellow or white shirt and tie, while a navy blue suit will work with either a sky blue, white or pink shirt and tie.

Sun Screen
Before the onset of summer, protect your eyes with a pair of sleek, but branded aviator style sunshades. Look out for a pair that covers the eye (and most of the area around it) well. Metallic and / or plastic frames will do – as long as they are broad and devoid of any gold – in other words: non-flashy styles are a lot better than anything that is in your face, loud or screams of bad taste

Choosing accessories for work is simple – always stick to the conventional, with comfort and practicality in mind. Shoes, watches and carry bags should be easy and fuss free. We therefore suggest laceless or laced well polished rounded shoes, a watch with a large dial and a carry bag that fits in everything you need to carry with you.

Strapped up
The Romans have contributed to men’s fashion in more ways than one – their signature sandals could well be the next big thing in footwear.
Details: Dark brown, black or tan are your colour options. Choose styles with flat heels and simple buckles to fasten. Before you get into a pair, ensure your feet look clean and well maintained (a regular pedicure is highly recommended). Wearing socks with sandals is not even an option that you should consider, so if you have a lot of hair on your feet – ensure you remove or trim it first. Last but certainly not the least, keep your sandals looking dust free and clean at all times.