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Study smart: Time management

india Updated: Jan 18, 2007 11:55 IST

Students, it seems are the busiest people in the world today. There is so much to be done in a student's life — school, tuitions, sports, dance lessons, music classes, birthday parties and the works.

Where does one find the time to study and make one's parents proud at the same time? Well, you don't have to be a genius to score well at school.

You just have to learn how to study smart, and use the limited resources that you have, judiciously. Stop procrastinating and get down to work immediately!

Get organised. Make a daily checklist of things that need to be done. It's amazingly satisfying to one by one tick off tasks that you have accomplished.

Perfection and unrealistic expectations are the major factors of lagging behind in our schedules. So, don't bother too much over excellence and set tasks according to your own capacity.

Sub-divide your goals into manageable pieces. Everything takes more time than you think, so plan accordingly.

Make a log of your activities. This will show you how much time you actually take to finish a lesson. This might help in further planning and self-monitoring.

Set priorities. Study what you don't like, or the hardest lessons before dinner, so that chomping comes as a welcome break. Keep the lighter lessons for the time you're sleepy, at the bus stop, bus or maybe in the loo.

If you are the type who can study long hours, take short breaks every 50 minutes or so. But, make sure that your breaks are not longer than your periods of study!

Even if you're talking on the phone for a break, plan your study schedule with your friends rather than gossip about classmates or teachers. Keep that for days when you're partying after examination.

Put your favourite tunes to math formulae, or cumbersome definitions, and hum them when you're not studying.

Don't kill yourself over one subject for too long. Juggle between different subjects. Your concentration is the best when you start something new, and this is directly proportional to the time you spend absorbing information.

Compete with yourself. If you manage to concentrate, without being distracted for half-an-hour one day, try to stretch it by 10 minutes the next day.

Design rewards for yourself the day you finish your work on time, and punishments when you don't.

Get your eight hours of sleep everyday. Set a definite time to go to bed. Gentle music, a glass of warm milk and a warm bath will help you relax before bed.

(The tips published in 'Study Smart' on Wednesday was for Social Science instead of English as was reported)