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Sub-Sea Diving: Rapidfire with Arjun Shetty

Mini Pant Zachariah in a rapidfire session with Sub-Sea diver Arjun Shetty.

india Updated: Mar 23, 2008 23:31 IST
Mini Pant Zachariah

Sun sign?

Most amazing change you see in people in sat chamber?
The voice. We sound like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and even for those of us who have been there for some time, it takes some getting used to. (Please check out the website to hear Shetty in the sat chamber)

Imagine if there were women divers on board.(Perks up)
The work place with be visually much more appealing. But this is something that is not going to happen at least in my lifetime.

Which do you prefer: bungee jumping or paragliding?
Bungee jumping: for the sudden rush of adrenalin. But I’m going to go paragliding soon.

What is god to you?
Someone inside me who directs me to do the right thing.

Indoor games or outdoors?
Outdoors, any day. Football, tennis and cricket are my all-time favourites.

Your dream date?
Actress Jessica Alba and journalist Barkha Dutt.

What you think of most during sat diving?
‘Don’t worry be happy’ plays constantly in my head when I am diving.

Best assignment?
A year ago when we flew to Cyprus, to a boat to Malta, went to Libya via the Mediterranean. This is what we call the five-star assignment - great food, great accommodation, great working condition.

When I didn't get paid for four months of work in Nigeria.