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Sunday letters

This refers to Darpan Singh’s article Delhi gang rape: Lives, interrupted (360 degree, January 13).

india Updated: Jan 19, 2013 22:45 IST

She has touched a chord in all women
This refers to Darpan Singh’s article Delhi gang rape: Lives, interrupted (360 degree, January 13). An insightful glimpse of the short but illuminating life of the Delhi gang rape victim was really touching. Her story will give strength to women all over the world to speak out against sexual violence. Her father’s relentless support in educating his daughter who dreamt of becoming a doctor is also an inspiration for other parents.
-Vijay Chawla, via email

Rein in the dogs of war
Shishir Gupta’s article Provoked? (The Big Story, January 13) has set the record straight regarding the recent skirmishes along the LoC. It’s high time the two nations ended these destructive games.
-Man Mohan Bhatia, Delhi

No spiritual immunity for them
With reference to No quantum of solace (Chanakya, January 13), spiritual leader Asaram Bapu’s comments on the Delhi rape are simply ludicrous. One must not even dignify them with a response but if we don’t do so these comments will embolden him and his ilk. It is sad that such insensitive comments have come from a man who claims to be a guru to thousands of people. To top it all, instead of apologising, he chose to indulge in name calling — a trait so unlike an ‘enlightened’ being. However, people should teach him a lesson by boycotting his discourses.
-GK Arora, Delhi

India is not new to controversial godmen who have been accused of ama-ssing vast wealth, sexually exploiting their followers and fooling people in the name of miracles. But India’s booming middle class has awakened and it will not let anyone get away with such irresponsible remarks.
-Pratap Dhir, Delhi

Showing their true colours
With reference to Karan Thapar’s article Bite your tongue! (Sunday Sentiments, January 13), the recent misogynistic remarks made by Asaram Bapu, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi and other public figures reflect a deep-rooted mindset that reeks of discrimination against women. Appallingly, some women politicians, too, are part of this league of staunch misogynists. Now that the true leanings of these public figures are out in open, the middle class and the media must not remain silent and condemn such remarks in the harshest possible terms.
-SP Potdar, Delhi

It is sad that Asaram Bapu’s followers remained unapologetic and instead defended his remarks. By accusing the media of quoting him out of context, his followers are harming the issue of women’s safety for which thousands of people gathered at India Gate and adjoining areas. It’s time the government took matters into its hands and issued a directive restraining public figures from making comments on matters before the court because such insensitive comments shift the focus of public discourse from the moot point.
-Gagandeep, via email

Empty talk with little value
With reference to Indrajit Hazra’s article Sex crazy (Red Herring, January 13), godmen of all hues have done precious little to raise the status of women in India. Spiritual discourses must have a social merit that lifts the spirit but also enhances our moral fibre. Bereft of these qualities such discourses are nothing short of useless talk with no redeeming value. Besides, women will be treated as equal citizens when their parents start thinking their daughters are no less than their sons.
-Raman, via email

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