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Sunday letters

Pradeep Magazine in Hero to zero effect rightly states that cricket is not just a sport but a symbol of middle-class aspirations where defeat is not an option.

india Updated: Oct 20, 2012 22:14 IST

Don't equate defeat with national pride
Pradeep Magazine in Hero to zero effect (The Big Story, October 14) rightly states that cricket is not just a sport but a symbol of middle-class aspirations where defeat is not an option. It is for this reason that it just took one defeat for fans, who were earlier lavishing praise on Team India, to lash out at it. It's high time we stopped equating defeat with the loss of national pride.
GK Arora, New Delhi

While focusing on the sentiments of cricket lovers in the country, Magazine provides no insight into the poor performance of Team India. One cannot ignore the fact that there are problems within the Indian cricket team. Issues like a busy cricketing schedule that often leads to injury and fatigue need to be discussed.
Nihar Ranjan, South Carolina

Getting the fundamentals right
This refers to the article From trot to canter (Chanakya, October 14). Chanakya rightly states that the fact that the Cabinet cleared 44 proposals in three heroic meetings shows that some of the resistance is ebbing. It's commendable that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and finance minister P Chidambaram have pushed economic reforms necessary for boosting growth despite key allies and the Opposition protesting against them. It is because of Singh that our economic fundamentals are strong and we are doing better than other countries. The government must not hesitate to go ahead with more such reforms.
Pathikrit Chakraborty, Lucknow

Chanakya is quite optimistic about economic reforms initiated by the prime minister and the finance minister. But, one can hardly ignore the fact that the country's credit worthiness is not in a great shape. Even the International Monetary Fund has downgraded India's economic growth estimates. One wonders whether the 44 proposals that the Cabinet cleared in three meetings can compensate for months of indecision and inaction.
Gautam Chandra, via email

Good economics and bad politics are a bad combination for a government that wishes to survive its term. The UPA government is a case in point. After failing to protect the aam aadmi from the crippling rise in food prices, the government is now trying to sell big-ticket reforms to the masses with the promise of a better economic future. The government must continue with subsidies as they are meant to help the poor.
M Kumar, via email

Mo Yan inspires one and all
This refers to Manas Chakravarty's article Hallucinatory realism (Loose Canon, October 14). Chakravarty's satirical articles make a great Sunday read. Like many Asians, I am also happy that Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in literature. He epitomises the true human spirit of striving for excellence. The fact that he was forced to drop out of primary school and herd cattle during China's Cultural Revolution makes him an inspiration for one and all.
Ramesh Sinha, via email

Kejriwal's kangaroo courts
This refers to Karan Thapar's article Advocating my case (Sunday Sentiments, October 14). Social activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal seems to be in the offensive mode always. Instead of garnering media attention, he should knock on the court's door and then let the law take its course. By reducing press conferences to kangaroo courts and mobilising public opinion against an individual holding public office, Kejriwal will end up damaging his own public image.
Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

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