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Sunday letters

The PM’s guilty of turning a blind eye

india Updated: Nov 04, 2012 00:11 IST

The PM’s guilty of turning a blind eye
This refers Saubhadra Chatterji’s article Manmohan Singh 2.0 A whole new PM? (The Big Story, October 28). It is undeniable that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a man with an impeccable personal image but unfortunately the government he heads is mired in corruption and he has a lot to answer for. If the State machinery under him were working properly, without turning a blind eye, scandals of the magnitude of the 2G spectrum scam wouldn’t have happened.
-Tarlok Singh, via email

The resilience that the PM has displayed amid criticism by the Opposition and social activists is commendable. After unleashing bold economic reforms, he infused fresh vigour of youth, experience and age into the Cabinet. I wish him luck in his endeavour.
-RD Singh, Ambala

The airline might soar again
This refers to the article Grounded on the runway (Chanakya, October 28). Chanakya has correctly diagnosed the problems that ail Kingfisher Airlines. It is appalling that an airline, which introduced a range of market-firsts and redefined the experience of flying, is on the brink of closure. The airline had enhanced guest convenience to a great degree. Now that the government has allowed foreign direct investment in the aviation sector, the airline’s Phoenix-like rise seems possible.
-Anchit Mathur, Mumbai

When silence is not golden
This refers to Karan Thapar’s article Our lips are sealed (Sunday Sentiments, October 28). It is disappointing that a journalist of his stature advocates that in all professions, including his own, people know about the wrongdoings of their fraternity but look the other way. How can he term turning a blind eye to blatant cases of corruption as ‘minding our own businesses?
-Mathew Antony, Delhi

Not all PILs are frivolous
This refers to The farcical files: the crazy world of bizarre PILs (Septe-mber 30). I am Petitioner No 1 of one Writ Petition No 290/ 2012 mentioned in the article. This petition urges the government to frame a policy to ensure that all shops selling feminine undergarments need to have at least one woman employee (including the shop owner) and at least one trial room. All such shops must remove improper presentation of women’s undergarments. The ministry of women and child development, taking advice from the National Commission of Women, has been thinking positively in this direction. This issue concerns a very large section of Indian women and is certainly not a bizarre and frivolous Public Interest Litigation (PIL) as mentioned in the article.
-Nutan Thakur, Lucknow

A misleading survey
The report Indians in Oz (October 27) is quite misleading. The Scanlan Foundation 2012 mapping of the Social Cohesion National Report from which your article quoted asked respondents whether their feelings towards different immigrant groups were positive, negative or neutral. In the case of Indian immigrants, the survey found that 46.9% of people were either positive or somewhat positive, 37.7% were neutral and 13.6% were somewhat negative (8.9) or negative (4.7). The article failed to mention that 84.6% of respondents were either positive or neutral in their feelings towards Indian immigrants.

Further, between the 2010-11 survey and the 2012 survey the percentage of respondents who said that they had positive feelings towards Indian immigrants increased by 5.2% while the percentage of respondents who said that they had negative feelings towards Indian immigrants decreased by 1.4%.

The study made no link between feelings towards particular immigrant groups and racism or racist attacks.
-Peter N Varghese Australian High Commission, New Delhi

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