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Sunday letters

india Updated: Aug 18, 2012 22:59 IST

Inflation is exacting a high price
With reference to the article The price we must pay (Chanakya, July 22), as with Reserve Bank of India governor Duvvuri Subbarao's hair, essential commodities have become scarce in the life of the common man. The government has enough laws in its arsenal but chooses not to act against hoarders and black-marketers. Inflation seems here to stay, extracting a steep price from our lives.
Gulshan Kumar, via email

It's worth a good laugh
Vishwajyoti Ghosh's cartoon (Full Toss, July 22) is an excellent satire on Rahul Gandhi's announcement about his willingness to assume a proactive role in the government. Depicting Rahul as a grown-up who must be egged to take 'bigger steps' sums up the absurdity of the situation.
M Ratan, Delhi

Only playing for power
With reference to Manas Chakravarty's article Seating arrangements (Loose Canon, July 22), politicians hungry for attention always cozy up to the boss in meetings and photo opportunities to display their proximity to power. The ones who fall back seethe with rage. Unfortunately for the country, the leaders we have elected to serve us are engaged in unhealthy and petty one-upmanship.
Uttam Bhowmik, via email

It is futile to engage in power struggles within a Congress-led government where a dynastic monopoly will always occupy the top slots. The rest of the positions have more to do with displays of loyalty to the ruling family than competence.
YG Chouksey, Pune

The present polity has been reduced to a state where the ongoing debate is always about superfluous matters. The ministers control important portfolios in the Cabinet and constantly bicker to deflect attention from their non-performance.
Ashok Madan, via email

This is just not cricket
Karan Thapar's article Killing me softly (Sunday Sentiments, July 22) is an example of wishful thinking by a section of our intelligentsia who comment on India-Pakistan relations with scant regard to ground realities. Every goodwill move made by India till date has been spurned by Pakistan. There is no need to play cricket till Pakistan stops playing dirty.
OP Tandon, via email

Thapar should not ignore the fact that there is a huge gap between what the Pakistanis say and what they actually do. The Pakistanis will neither abandon the policy of using Islamic jihadis against India nor give up on their campaign of hate. Anil Sharma, Chandigarh

Not the right perspective
With reference to Satya Prakash's article How safe are women in India? (The Big Story, July 22), one is pained by the irresponsible comments made by Mamta Sharma, chairperson of the National Women's Commission, that women should dress respectably. It is bad governance and shoddy policing that lead to such crimes, not what outfit a woman might be wearing.
Amar Jeet Kumar, Mohali

On paper, women might enjoy equal status with men but lack of safety keeps notions of equality confined to theory. Laws need to be effectively and immediately implemented to improve women's lives.
Archana Pant, via email