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Sunday letters

india Updated: Oct 08, 2011 23:15 IST
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Good deals within wheels
With reference to the article The social engine (The Big Story, October 2), it is true that the Delhi Metro has changed the lives of Delhiites. Today, a resident of east Delhi can have a nice meal in New Delhi, a difficult task a few years ago. The Delhi Metro has got the United Nations certification for carbon credits and has set new standards in environment-friendly commuting.
Manish Chandra, Delhi

Don't mind your language
Karan Thapar in Now for some Inglish (Sunday Sentiments, October 2) talks about a sentence that could impart multiple meanings by moving around a single word within it. The same word often conveys different meanings in our daily interactions. Also, we routinely turn a statement into its interrogative form without moving a single word.
Pradeep Goorha, via email

Open UPA's closed door policy
With reference to Indrajit Hazra's article Yeh dosti (reprise) (Red Herring, October 2), the recent incidence of rifts within the Congress leadership because of squabbling between party bigwigs ended up exposing the chinks in UPA 2's armour. As always, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee played the role of the government's troubleshooter and under the aegis of party president Sonia Gandhi, successfully arrived at a truce with home minister P Chidambaram, saving the party and the government unnecessary embarrassment.
Prashant Rakheja, Gurgaon

The confusion created by senior UPA ministers over the 2G scam speaks volumes about their bad governance. The absence of follow-up action by the PMO amounts to condoning irregularities and sidetracking responsibilities. The prime minister owes an explanation to the nation about how important Cabinet decisions are taken. It was disturbing to hear P Chidambaram declare unilaterally that he had accepted Pranab Mukherjee's statement and that the matter is closed. The public is yet to figure out what transpired behind the scenes.
Mathew Oommen, Pune

It would be better for the country if our ministers function in a transparent manner. Differences of opinion are bound to occur in a democracy but the issue should be so resolved that people are aware of the facts.
SC Vaid, Delhi

Stay rooted in our diets
With reference to Manas Chakravarty's article Grass-roots fascists (Loose Canon, October 2), vegetarianism is capable of saving this planet. Human beings must go beyond their materialism and ensure that animals and birds are able to live peacefully in their natural habitat. Mir Dad had said that 'He who eats the flesh of any living being shall have to repay it with his own flesh.' Eating habits, though, are a matter of choice, and every person is free to decide what to eat.
Mahesh Kumar, via email

It's a pretty poor measure
With reference to Kirit Parikh's article Reading between the R32 poverty line (Focus, October 2), the Planning Commission's poverty figures are far from realistic. It comes at a time when food inflation is pushing poor households to the wall. The Commission's defence of the affidavit needs to be re-examined against other facts that say India is home to the largest number of hungry people.
Kavita Srivastava, via email

Set the house in order
The article Why let the dogs out? (Chanakya, October 2) rightly states that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tried unsuccessfully to shift the blame for the mess created by his ministers to a practically non-existent Opposition. In the interest of the nation, the UPA must work honestly to meet the challenges of inflation, terrorism and corruption.
SK Wasan, Noida

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