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Sunday letters

india Updated: Jan 22, 2012 00:32 IST
Team Anna

Team Anna lost the score on the core
With reference to the article Anna go lightly? (Chanakya, January 15), Anna Hazare’s movement may have fizzled out, but it is too early for the Congress to celebrate. Hazare continues to enjoy public support. The government realises that his movement has exposed its inability and unwillingness to curb corruption. This will definitely make it tough for the Grand Old Party to do well in the upcoming assembly polls.
AK Sharma, via email

I agree with Chanakya that Team Anna should have stuck to its core demand of getting the Lokpal Bill passed in Parliament. The team members lost the advantage they had over political parties by shooting their mouths off on various important issues.
BM Puri, Solan

Taking things too personally
This refers to Indrajit Hazra’s book review ‘Hinduism is an intellectual system, not a religion’ (Read, Janu-ary 14). I fail to understand why Hazra declares that he is an atheist while reviewing an encyclopaedia of Hinduism. As a reader, I read book reviews to learn about books rather than about reviewers. I have no interest in knowing if Hazra believes in god or not.
Anu Lall, via email

Hazra should have done some research on professor Kapil Kapoor before commenting on him in his review. It’s wrong to state that prof Kapoor is ‘apolitical’. He was the head of the RSS in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). When the NDA was in power, he co-authored a work whose recommendations, if they were implemented, would have saffronised JNU. Therefore, it wasn’t a coincidence that senior BJP leader LK Advani recommended one of Kapoor’s books for publication to a leading publisher.
Indranil Chowdhury, via email

Easier to be wise in hindsight
Manas Chakravarty’s Ten commandments (Loose Canon, January 15) presents an excellent critique of the Election Commission’s (EC) mindless directive to cover statues of elephants in Uttar Pradesh. Why didn’t the EC raise objections when the Mayawati government was spending crores of taxpayers’ money on building these statues?
RN Varma, Patna

Let’s object to obscenity
This refers to Indrajit Hazra’s article Before it hurts (Red Herring, January 15). About a year ago there was an advertisement of a scooter featuring two couples where the women, riding pillion, made lewd gestures. There are many such objectionable advertisements today that are aired on almost every channel during prime time. By not objecting to them, we encourage people and organisations to misuse their freedom of expression. Perhaps this also explains the presence of the objectionable billboard that Hazra spotted in central Delhi.
Shyam Sethi, Delhi

All rights, no duties
With reference to Karan Thapar’s article It takes two to tango (Sunday Sentiments, January 15), the problem with the UPA is that it doesn’t own up to its mistakes. Everybody knows that the Gandhi family controls the government. But neither Sonia nor Rahul Gandhi wants to take responsibility for the UPA’s shortcomings. Let’s hope that the government will be more accountable in 2012 .
GK Arora, Delhi

Not at all in good faith
This refers to Khushwant Singh’s article Time tested tips on how to stay healthy & live longer (With Malice Towards One and All, January 15). I disagree with Singh’s view that not praying helps a man live longer. Contrary to what the author believes, praying to god doesn’t signify defeat. Instead, worshipping is a way of thanking god for giving us the gifts of life and good health.
Ritu Varghese, via email

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