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Sunday Letters

With reference to Mina Douglas’s article Ground beneath their feet (Sunday Guest Column, March 20), the crisis in Japan is far from over.

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Quake, tsunami, radiation leak, it’s a continuing crisis in Japan
With reference to Mina Douglas’s article Ground beneath their feet (Sunday Guest Column, March 20), the crisis in Japan is far from over. The Fukushima nuclear reactor can have a meltdown anytime and radiation can enter the air and water. The world hopes that Japan learns from this tragedy, works on its weaknesses and recovers very soon.
Mahesh Kumar, Delhi

Lost in interpretation
Renuka Narayanan in Can we please be self-controlled? (She Baba, March 20) refers to St Paul as a woman-hater. This interpretation is incorrect. The lines she quotes is from Romans 13:13 is used out of context to present women in a bad light. The Bible does not advocate gender discrimination. The writer must read the Bible thoroughly and refrain from misinterpreting its teachings.
Rajeev A Masih, via email

Adopt a more caring attitude
This refers to Nivedita Khandekar's article Assisted conception (Wellness, March 20). India can tackle the problem of population explosion by rewarding the couples that adopt children. This will not only put the brakes on population growth but also improve the lives of thousands of orphaned children.
Mahesh Kapasi, via email

PM’s in office but he’s not in power
I endorse Karan Thapar’s view that since Manmohan Singh is the head of the government, he is responsible for all the scams in which UPA members are allegedly involved (Pressing the PM, Sunday Sentiments, March 20). Singh’s justifications for the 2G spectrum scam, the CVC imbroglio, the Devas deal and the recent WikiLeaks cash-for-votes exposé are unconvincing. It’s one thing to be an honest human being and another to be an effective leader. The fact that despite being the head of the government he is unaware of what’s happening in his party implies that though Singh is in office, he is not in power.
M Ratan, Delhi
Thapar rightly points out that the criticism of Singh by the media, the Opposition and people is justified, as he is responsible for the actions of his ministers. Singh cannot hide behind his image of a virtuous politician anymore. He is answerable to the people of India. If his party members are concerned about the media doing harm to his image then they should ask the PM to step down.
AK Sharma, Chandigarh
Though Singh is honest and competent, the same cannot be said about his colleagues in the government. The media can’t be asked to tone down their criticism, as they are stating the truth and asking obvious questions to the UPA. The ball is
in the government’s court.
It must clear the air over the various scams.
Jayalakshmi Chellappa, via email

On a leaky wicket

Manas Chakravarty’s article Very tricky leaks (Loose Canon, March 20) rightly mocks the Opposition for raking up stale issues in order to embarrass the government. Why does India need foreign inputs like the WikiLeaks to tell us about our weaknesses? Instead of objecting to foreign interference in our internal matters, political parties are playing the blame game yet again.
RL Pathak, Delhi
Chakravarty’s use of satire to highlight scams is praiseworthy. I specially liked ‘Cable No 666. Very Hush-Hush’. It’s true that the cash-for-votes issue is as old as our democracy. The writer deftly puts in words the common man’s thoughts on scams and the government.
GK Arora, Delhi

Take on stalkers
Aarefa Johri and Ruchira Hoon’s article Stalking in the shadows (The Big Story, March 20) is very informative. It is unfortunate that men harass and stalk women who, unfortunately, hesitate to complain for fear of becoming objects of derision. But women should not tolerate eve teasing. They should react to such situations
with courage.
Siddhartha Suripunj, Delhi

A real benchmark
With reference to Bhadra Sinha’s article Yes, your honour (Variety, March 20), India is proud to have an honest and incorruptible chief justice in SH Kapadia. He has saved the nation from getting robbed by venal public officials. He should now ensure that no corrupt judge succeeds him. He should also suggest modifications to the Judicial accountability Bill to ensure honesty in the judiciary.Subhash Agrawal, Delhi

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