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Sunday letters

india Updated: Mar 31, 2012 20:13 IST

Living on shoots and leaves
This refers to Tim Carman’s article No meat: the new mantra (Global, February 20). It is true that it helps the environment if meat consumption is reduced. Vegetarianism is healthy, ecologically safe, ethical and no less nutritious.
Mahesh Kapasi, Delhi

The ultimate calling card
Chetan Chauhan in his article Borne identity (Focus, February 19) is right in mentioning that the common man encounters innumerable hassles while applying for a ration card, voter identity card or a PAN card. One hopes that the Unique Identification Number (UID) card becomes an efficient tool to ensure delivery of services.
Ketan R Meher, Mumbai

Stay out of the crossfire
With reference to the article A friend of enemies (Chanakya, February 19), it would be unfortunate for India to be used as a pawn between Israel and Iran as it has friendly relations with both. New Delhi must tread a cautious path in solving this paradox. It should also muster up courage and tell both countries that our territory cannot be used for their dogfight. We cannot afford a new angle to our security problems.
Subhajit Chandra, Delhi

India should not get caught in the one-upmanship between Iran and Israel. As a developing country, it should concentrate on building relations with other countries while Israel and Iran must sort out their differences.
S Purkayastha, via email

The Indian media sees nothing unusual in echoing Israel’s accusations against Iran for the Delhi car blast in which an Israeli diplomat was injured. When an international consensus is emerging that Israel’s charge is unproven and political, our media should have refrained from recklessly blaming Iran.
Ghulam Muhammed, via email

No solution born of age row
Karan Thapar in Wail the chief (Sunday Sentiments, February 19) expresses his disappointment with army chief VK Singh’s conduct after the apex court rejected his writ petition. The general might have behaved in a disgraceful manner but the court’s verdict also led to the impossible situation where it was possible for a man to be born twice on two different dates.
Shanti Bhushan, via email

Thapar is right in saying that the army chief should have resigned following the court’s refusal to buy his story. But if General Singh has failed to secure justice despite being at the helm, one shudders to think of the fate of ordinary soldiers. Perhaps, this is the right time to improve administration in the armed forces where one is always in fear of draconian rules.
JM Manchanda, Delhi

Find those forgotten faces
Neyaz Farooquee in his article Fate will reunite us one day (360 degree, February 19) describes the pain of parents whose children have gone missing. It is horrifying to learn that more than one lakh children are missing in Delhi. Politicians and policemen must tackle this problem seriously and undertake a special drive to trace these children.
Sharda Bhargav, via email

Modi’s modus operandi
With reference to Shekhar Iyer’s article The contenders (The Big Story, February 19), while the BJP allies dislike Narendra Modi as he might alienate the Muslim vote, he remains a charismatic leader who can ensure smooth sailing for the party. The economic development of Gujarat speaks for itself.
Man Mohan Bhatia, via email

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