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Sunday letters

india Updated: Dec 29, 2012 21:31 IST
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Keep up the pressure on the State
With reference to the article A wounded nation seeks answers (The Big Story, December 23), people must ensure that the protests against the recent gang rape case do not peter out till the State accepts the common man's valid demand of beefing up security for women. Let's not give the UPA government any chance of shirking its responsibility.
M Kumar, via email

The ball is in Pakistan's court
This refers to Sushant Sareen and Talat Masood's article Inching closer (Focus, December 23) on Indo-Pak ties. If Islamabad wants to improve ties with New Delhi, it must take the first step by clamping down on all terror camps on its soil.
Dheeraj Kumar, via email

Get to the root cause of rape
This refers to Karan Thapar's article Pointing the finger (Sunday Sentiments, December 23). It's true that Indian parents have a tendency to pamper their sons, which encourages them to look down on women when they grow up. But it is also true that rape is not endemic to India alone. Some recent rape figures for developed countries like the US and Britain are quite alarming. Therefore, poverty or lack of education may not be the real factors behind high incidents of rape in India. The State must find out the source of the problem and take appropriate measures.
R Maleyvar, via email

While Thapar is right in accusing Indian men of disrespecting women, he can't absolve the police and politicians of their responsibilities. The common man is deeply disappointed with the way our politicians are running the country. This frustration drove people to protest against the system at India Gate in Delhi and in several other parts of the country last week. Also, we must urgently amend our archaic laws and roll out long-due police reforms.
Alastair Murray, via email

I agree with Thapar that rape happens because Indian men treat women as play-things. But I disagree that the Indian judicial system is up to the mark. Several rape cases are pending in various courts across the country for years. While the recent protests may force the State to take swift action in the Delhi gang rape case, we cannot be certain that the authorities concerned will act promptly in every case.
Devanshee Pitty, Kolkata

It's apples and oranges
The article Winning…it's the only thing (Chanakya, December 23) rightly states that Narendra Modi has been able to deliver on many promises in Gujarat because he is a single-window authority. But it would be wrong to expect the UPA government at the Centre to emulate Modi's model. The UPA is a coalition while Gujarat has a single-party rule. It's difficult to keep all the allies of a coalition happy all the time. The appropriate question to ask the Congress is why the states where it is in power haven't done as well as Gujarat.
Gautam Chandra, via email

It's true that Modi will face opposition from within the BJP if the party decides to project him as its prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 elections. The BJP seldom allows an efficient leader to come up through the ranks, as it was proved by the treatment it meted out to Kalyan Singh, Madan Lal Khurana and Uma Bharti. So it's doubtful if Modi will get support from senior leaders in the party. But the BJP must realise that at the moment it doesn't have a better PM candidate than Modi.
GS Chaturvedi, Gurgaon

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