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Sunday, Monday,’s day?

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If you find men sulking today, let them. For every woman has her day, today to be precise. Are the poor dearies smarting just because the world decided that observing an International Women’s Day is going to change their fortunes overnight? Relax, guys. If only things were that easy. The same way that a single day does not make matters any easier for women — it’s not even a holiday for the ladies — having 364 days that are really International Men’s Days won’t change matters for them either. Women will continue to hold their place on Earth.

So what would men have expected on an International Men’s Day, if it existed? A late morning, good food on the table, a midday beerfest, no nagging wife, no pesky children, the day off and the whole day in front of the telly watching cricket? But then, what would the alpha-to-omega-males want to do then during the rest of the year?

To keep this edit from entering the zone earmarked for ‘gender debates’, men should thank their lucky genes that the bonding of the Y chromosome has allowed them the benefits that a double X has had to struggle for. Every International Women’s Day you’ll hear them moan and pass those manly snide remarks about these ‘oh-so-politically-correct’ days. Poor things. Only if they knew that women have mastered a way of making them do exactly that day after day — without them suspecting a thing.