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Surfer's poem: Ignorant society

Young, charming lass, inhabiting the vistas, nestled amongst the giant rocks..., writes Neha Sharma.

india Updated: Sep 26, 2008 16:26 IST

Young, charming lass,
Inhabiting the vistas,
Nestled amongst the giant rocks,
Facsimile of the Madonna,

Sashaying now and then,
Skedaddling here and there,
And romanticism aficionado,
Affable and astute and schmaltzy,

A day murky and shitty,
Schlepped and married off,
Dreams in eyes, swine in reality.
Retrograding day by day,

The lad indigent and inebriated,
Maundering with the beautiful,
Hostile and inequitable and scumbag.
Hoodoo hovering over the charm,

Decides to assassinate,
With the dagger kills the macho,
Hallucinates of enlivening the remnants,
Illusions of ensconcing in habitat.

But enmeshed and let down,
But others agitated and aghast,
Agree to be a Satan and jeopardize her,
Is isolated and left,

The poor lass abandoned,
Boisterous crowd creating ballyhoo,
Oafish mob blaming the pitiful.
Incinerate the once jocund girl,

The girlish attitude doomed,
Grace lost in the desert,
Glamour dumped like waste,
No assistance, no soul to console.

Perpetrating the veracity,
Arousing the predicaments,
Still bound in shibboleths,
Entombing the women-a anachronism,

Redemption, not their business,
Predilection for male progeny,
Sedatives needed to transform mob,
Transform from sanguine to sangfroid,

Transform to amicable folk,
Soupcons of clemency towards women,
Chortling at heir,
Entwined in household drudgery.
No shoulder to cry on,

No body to embrace,
No feet to beg mercy,
No ears to listen to her lament,

No bros to bend at her,
No eyes to take a glimpse at her,
No nose to smell the ashes,
No hand to hold the walk beside.

Neha Sharma, J.D.M. College, DU