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Surfers' Response

india Updated: Jul 27, 2008 20:27 IST
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Viresh Kumawat from United Kingdom ( ) says
By revoking POTA, delaying hanging of Afzal, being soft on terror , this Govt of Sonia Gandhi playing politics of MUSLIM vote bank and putting national security at risk.

Chanukya Rajan from Chennai ( ) says
No, Government is doing very good job in curbing terrorism. It will take time to completely eliminiate these childish acts like crude tiffin box filled blasts.

Aannam Narsaiah Gangaram from Karimnagar ( ) says
I want say where is our RAW. It is heartening to see how many innocent people die. Time has been come when all Indians come together and fight aganist who does this dastardly act.

Dave Jones from United Kingdom ( ) says
Sir Do we have any system ?when so many terrorist attacks still remain "Under the file"with no definite solution,raises the question "Who DONE IT".We the AAM ADMI WILL KEEP PONDERING.Thanks if you would print .Regards

Anil Khera from Mumbai ( ) says
If there is will, there is way to fight with terror. Let us give best to our country. Instead of blaming country's leader, let each one of us should take the responsibility to save our country. For all the happenings we our selves to be blamed. Leaders are just our image. Infact we never wanted to fight with the terrorism and left to the government to tackle the issue.

Ranita Ray from Delhi ( ) says
What system are we talking about? There is no system, no laws in place to fight terror. We should not expect anything from this useless, spineless govt at the centre. The fact is the govt has no interest in protecting its citizens.

Suresh Kumar from Palakkad says
Our system is based on previliant political system. No political party in our country is not looking the protection of the people but they looking only their political gains. If we see the overall drama happened in the parliament we can easly understand their interest and aims. Only the thing that we can do is to pray the god to give us the protection.

Llawrence Singh from Anantpur says
Corruption and political opportunitism has contributed to the mayham that has been caused by the various bomb blasts. The terrorists take advantage of these weaknesses in our country and make full use of it to their advantage.

Mohammed Abdul Nayeem from Hyderabad ( ) says
George, your outburst is understandable, but has no relevance to the question of HT - Just to remind you - it talks about the System. Let's not fight brothers - we have to act together to fight this out.

Ravin PadaFrom Kochi says
Our system is totally failed. Do we a system to monitor all these terror activities. Does any terror attack happened in US after 9/11?

AG AG from Australia ( ) says
There is no system in India is any walk of life!

Sanjay patel from Singapore says
yes..i think the indian govt. is really weak. They should become bold and push the offense hard like the U.S. did when they got attack. Step up now and get rid of this terror religion out of india, to make it safe for our children in the future. JSK

Ramen Bando from Kolkata ( ) says
The softly softly policy and corruption at high levels of the administration are the encouraging factors for rise in terrorism today.The terrorists are well protected by Human Rights organisations with no respect for the victims.- Ramen Bando

sanjay patel from Finland ( ) says
yes..i think the indian govt. is really weak. They should become bold and push the offense hard like the U.S. did when they got attack. Step up now and get rid of this terror religion out of india, to make it safe for our children in the future. JSK

George Dantas from France ( ) says
Where are all the Khans, Akhtars, Azmis ... of the Bollywood or for that any Muslim organisation or intellectuals of India? Why do not they come out and dare condemn acts of terrorism by their own brethern, born and brought up in India?

Mohammed Abdul NayeemFrom Hyderabad ( ) says
Well! Lets not forget that Muslims are also humans. Please look in to the political scenario and then come to a conclusion as to who would be behind this. No muslim will kill innocent - and if they do - they are not muslims.

Syam Prasad from Gurdaspur says
We do not have any system to contain terrorism.The government's soft attitude towards minorities should not be encouraged.

Adnan Nayeem from Hyderabad ( ) says
Wake up India - the culprit is within the system - catch the culprit from the grass root level. Why these bombings took place after the much publicized Vote of confidence. Why not during the vote of confidence. JAAAGO BHAI LOG JAAAGO - Don't blame anyone until we catch these terror minds.

Nutan Giri from Delhi says
All those blasts had occured in public places only.. Is the govt still sleeping?? it's my honest request to the GOI to deploy some Secial forces in Public places of major cities, instead of spending for there security..

Qayyum Shahid from Pakistan ( ) says
i think we ve common foe, who can't see this region peaceful, it could be Al-Qaeeda or USA itself who created AlQaeeda for its own agenda, God bless both of our countries.

David AlexanderFrom U.A.E ( ) says
the IPC / Cr PC should be changed to try the guilty under TREASON- penalty being DEATH / non-bailable-parolable sentence for 40-50 years

Syam Prasad from Visakhapatnam ( ) says
We do not have any system to contain terrorism.The government's soft attitude towards minorities should not be encouraged.

Cherukattukalathil Narayanankutty from Palakkad says

Ram Prasad From Australia says
Bring back POTA or its equivalent. You cannot fight terrorism with existing laws. These terrorists have no morals and do not care how many die. Seal the Bangladesh border and send all bangladeshis back home. What are they doing in India? Take a tough stand, don't be a soft touch. When will our politicians learn? God help India!

Rathod Suman from Switzerland ( ) says
Yes, today we can say that system has been failed. First and formost is to have education to all Indians that be Indian, live Indian and speak Indian and to be proud of India and LOVE MOTHERLAND. If you think other wise please LEAVE INDIA.

THAPAR PREM from Japan ( ) says

M Kumar from Delhi says
Do I think that our system has failed to contain terrorism? Yes, of course! That is an obvious answer.

Sudeep Joshi from Delhi ( ) says
Yes I feel system failed to contain terrorism

Chad Khanna from Canada ( ) says
How you curb the terrorism? Iron fist with one objective, "eye for an eye". It is neither peaceful nor it is hijacked by by "few" extremists

Sunil Khanna from Jamnagar ( ) says
This is the job of some foolish ppl among us n its our duty of each n every one to find them as fast as possible n track them fast so that no such incicents happen in future we all gujarat ppl will fight it out

Som Dhaval from United States of America ( ) says
I am sure its not the Indian muslims who ever did or do anything to our country. (I am a Hindu by the way). I totally blame Bangladesh, "ehsan faramosh desh" and our dear old neighbor Pakis. They cannot see our progress. So they think they will make us Hindus fight with Muslims and hence destroy our country. Well you Pakis and Bangees, I think I am sorry to tell you that Indian Muslims don't favor either of you, and we will kick your ass out of our country!

Viney Cchander Bhutani from Delhi ( ) says
Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorist activities agaonst India and training of terrorists in Pakistan are well documented. India needs to a Federal agency, supported by State agencies, to tackle this problem. The task should be defined, means to carry it out should be provided, and then the agencies should be left alone to tackle the problem. We need to ensure that political interference does not interfere with their work.

Aarun Sharma from Mumbai ( ) says
it is easiest to blame persons working relentless for governmental agencies. does anyone co operate with the agencies detailed for the job or anuone bothered about the conditions under which personnels are working ( It refers to channel covering sleeping policemen! can anybody work when noone seems to bother whether he had even the sufficient sleep before being put on duty again and again??).

Vinod Surendran from Mumbai says
The government has completely failed in protecting the citizens of the country , if the government had put 50 percent of the effort they put in saving the government in the confidence vote, these tragedys would not have happened, my sympathies with all those who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy, we need to be united and not leave it to the government only to protect us

Vivek Shastri from Bhopal says
Yes of course. system has failed because of politicians who are politicising the terror for their own interest.How come you can come to conclusion that the responsibility of the blast claimed by email? any one sends email and accept responsibility does it reflect the reality and truth? no we should not permit media to come on conclusion with out investigation.